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344+ Ways Tonal Can Completely Transform Your Fitness Routine

If you’re looking for a good reason to work out, you’ll find plenty here. 

moving gif with different windows demonstrating all the different reasons to work out on Tonal

Finding the will to work out every day isn’t always easy, but research shows that the key to moving more often is variety. One study published in Translational Behavioral Medicine found that people who engage in more varied types of exercise tend to be more active. 

That’s why Tonal offers literally hundreds of different ways to work out. One unlimited membership gives you (and your entire household) access to a constantly growing library of strength training exercises, multi-week programs, live-streamed classes and on-demand workouts (including On-The-Go workouts on the mobile app that you can do away from Tonal), professional coaches, and an inspiring Facebook community. Whether you prefer to sweat solo or love the energy of working out alongside others, you’ll find something that inspires you to get moving. Here are all the reasons you’ll want to work out with Tonal every day, which can completely transform your usual routine. 

200+ Exercises (and Counting!) in the Movement Library 

Tonal has more than 200 exercises. This GIF shows just a few.

In one sleek trainer, you get the ability to perform more than 200 strength-training moves for upper-body, lower-body, core, and full-body workouts—all of which can be done in the comfort of your home. That number continues to grow, too, as Tonal adds more moves to the library regularly.

That library is just the start. When you pair it with Tonal’s digital weight and artificial intelligence, you get a completely customized experience of each exercise as the resistance is personalized to you and adjusts automatically. So whenever you’re doing a workout on Tonal, you never have to worry about selecting the right weight or swapping out multiple weights for different exercises. Tonal does all that for you; all you have to do is show up ready to sweat. 

Plus, having so many exercises available at your fingertips gives you the ability to modify. If there’s ever an exercise you don’t feel comfortable performing due to injury or personal preference, you can always sub it out for a comparable option with Tonal’s Movement Replacement feature, or you can use the exercises to build Free Lift and Custom Workouts, too. 

100s of Workouts and Programs 

Whether your goal is to get lean, build muscle, or improve fitness, Tonal’s coach-led, strength-training content is designed to help you achieve these goals through individual guided workouts (both Live and on-demand) or multi-week programs that include three to five workouts per week.

Tonal updates this collection of workouts and programs with fresh content every week so you can avoid plateaus and boredom. Variety is especially helpful if you want results but lose interest in working out easily. 

Just ask Tonal member KerryAnn Lussier of Chelmsford, Massachusetts. “I [was] one of those people who always gave up when I didn’t see results right away,” she said in a recent community member transformation story. But Tonal’s coach-led programs shifted her mindset, helped her drop 20 pounds, and relieved her constant back pain, she said. “With Tonal’s programs, I stayed interested until I started to see changes.”  

23 Coaches 

GIF of Tonal coaches

Research shows that working out with an expert is an effective way to boost your motivation and positively shift your attitude toward exercise. Tonal offers access to certified coaches with different areas of expertise and fitness backgrounds so you can experience working out with a personal trainer whenever you want. And with over 20 coaches to choose from, you’ll find someone that speaks your fitness language no matter what your training level or goals are. 

Tonal coaches are one of the most valuable aspects of membership, according to the Official Tonal Community members. One member, Viet Q. Nguyen of Seattle, Washington, said that a Tonal coach is like having a workout partner and mentor right by your side. “There’s no substitute for having a real person walk you through movements,” he said. Nguyen added that different coaches help motivate him on different days depending on what he needs.

20 Different Ways to Move 

Think of Tonal as a one-stop shop for building strength, improving your fitness, and maximizing your overall stability, mobility, and well-being. In addition to strength training content, you’ll find options for high-intensity interval training, cardio, mobility, barre, yoga, Pilates, dance, boxing, kickboxing, boot camp, pre- and postnatal, recovery, meditation, and more.

You can also train alongside friends and loved ones with Partner Workouts, team up with community members via Virtual Group Workouts and Tonal Live Workouts, and engage with each other by using the positive social features. Tonal also offers Family Fitness, fun-sized workouts that get the whole household moving together.

1 Official Tonal Community

Nothing brings it all together quite like the Official Tonal Community. There, you’ll find others to cheer you on and a wealth of tips, education, and advice to help you throughout your journey. 

Community managers host monthly fitness challenges, Virtual Group Workouts, and a book club as well as weekly events where you can chat directly with coaches, listen in on Tonal Talks with in-house and external experts, and share your feedback directly with Tonal. Throughout the year, there are social events like cook-alongs, trivia competitions, and local meetups. It’s also a great way to stay in the loop on new product updates and new features. And when it comes to staying committed to fitness goals, think of this community as your secret weapon.

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