Loved by exercise enthusiasts and athletes alike, Tonal is reimagining the landscape of at-home fitness.

A man performs a standing chest fly with his Tonal smart gym.

Here’s what our members are saying

If, six months ago, someone had told me I’d be lifting this much in a workout, I would NOT have believed them.
Larry D
Being able to see the correct form from multiple angles is also a game changer.
Dan P
Tonal continues to let me be great. Each week has been better than the prior week.
Na’il B
I don’t think I’ve ever loved a piece of exercise equipment as much as this.
Brent B
… the objective data tracking on Tonal is incredible. It’s pretty cool to see that each month I was able to push/pull more weight as I got stronger.
Alvin R
Tonal, I’ve fallen in love with you. You’ve definitely changed the home gym game. I absolutely love the versatility of this machine.
Buffy M
… I feel so much better and stronger in a short amount of time with Tonal … the coaching is a key value to getting the most from your workouts.
Sally H
… the variety of trainers, classes, and metrics is so incredibly rich and motivating. Not to mention the amazing mobility, stretches, and recoveries led by top-notch trainers. 😍
Mariana M
Thanks to Tonal, I’ve been able to fit in sessions at weird times. And the built-in variety within each program keeps things challenging and fun! BEST. INVESTMENT. EVER.
Ann J

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