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  • Yes! Tonal’s adjustable arms can support hundreds of movements including leg exercises like squats, lunges, and deadlifts. Our growing library of workouts includes high intensity classes designed to elevate your heart rate and get you sweating for a great cardio workout. You can learn more about our programs on the Workouts page.

  • Tonal membership is required for the first 12 months after your installation date. Your Tonal membership gives you access to unlimited accounts, our ever-growing library of workouts and programs, as well as our intelligence tools. See the full list of benefits below.

    ✓ Unlimited accounts per trainer, so each family member can track their progress separately.

    Workout Library 
    ✓ Our growing library of guided strength training workouts, with new programs added every week.
    ✓ Develop your own curated plans with optimized weight for your strengths.

    ✓ Strength assessment to learn your body and strength
    ✓ Intuitive weight adjustments
    ✓ Video demos for every movement
    ✓ Dynamic weight modes like Eccentric, Chains, and Burnout
    ✓ Spotter mode to lift with confidence
    ✓ Automatic tracking and reporting


  • Your Tonal membership includes unlimited accounts for each Tonal. That means each member of your household (plus friends or neighbors) can log in and track their progress separately.

  • Tonal’s accessories use a special T-lock system to allow you to quickly and smoothly switch between accessories. If you’d like to use your own accessories, you can purchase T-lock adapters from our Gear Shop.

  • Tonal is designed for use by adults aged 18 and up. If approved in advance by a physician, teenagers over the age of 15 may use Tonal under direct adult supervision.

  • We stand behind our product with a 2-year limited warranty. We have a fully trained technical support team available to help with any questions, issues, or concerns. View the full terms and conditions of our warranty coverage.

  • The overall dimensions are: Width: 21.50″ and Height: 50.9″ and Depth: 5.25”.

  • We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you’re not, we are happy to return your Tonal and refund you within 30 days of installation.


  • Tonal requires professional installation and currently cannot be shipped or installed outside of the 50 United States. Unfortunately, we do not have a timeline on when we will expand beyond the U.S. Please let us know where you are located to stay updated!

  • Yes, Tonal is available for purchase in Hawaii and Alaska! To determine if you live in our coverage area in Hawaii and Alaska, of serviceable zip codes here.

  • For orders delivered to Hawaii and Alaska, there will be a flat fee of $550. Tonal weighs nearly 150 pounds and needs to be professionally installed to ensure you can be your strongest with Tonal.
  • For an optimal workout experience, we recommend 7′ x 7′ floor space, 7’ unobstructed wall space, and a ceiling height of at least 7’10”. You may be able to modify movements if your space is smaller. For more information please refer to our space requirements.

  • Typically 1-3 weeks after your installation form is submitted to us, your Tonal is shipped directly to our installation partners. After that, they’ll work with you to schedule your installation.

    Learn more about what to expect.

  • For your safety, it is important that Tonal is installed by our professional installers. In addition to delivering and mounting Tonal to your wall, our delivery partners will connect Tonal to WiFi, pair your Bluetooth Smart accessories, and get your account set up so you can start working out right away.

  • Yes, your Tonal can be reinstalled if you move! We have different relocation packages for you to choose from depending on your needs. We recommend purchasing your moving kit at least three weeks in advance so we can make sure you have everything you need ahead of time.

  • Our customer care team would love to hear from you! Call us at (855) MY-TONAL or via our Contact page.

  • If your studs are spaced wider than 16 inches and up to 24 inches, our wide mount bars will be used to securely attach the Tonal trainer to the wall. We offer decorative covers to hide the bars and retain Tonal’s sleek design. Learn more about wide mount adapters.

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