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Whether you’re looking to build muscle or lose weight, Tonal’s coaches have hundreds of hours of workouts and programming to get you there.

Our Philosophy

We believe that strength training is foundational to any fitness routine—and the science agrees. Strength is tied to healthy bones, injury prevention, and weight loss (as well as looking good in a swimsuit).

All the ways to train

Strength Training

The foundation of fitness. Choose from hundreds of workouts, each with its own focus that matches your own, whether you seek to build muscle, get strong for your sport, or be fit for life.

Cardio Classes

Strength and stamina combined. A killer combo of weights with fast-paced bursts of speed max out your heart rate while building up endurance for a fitter, faster you.


Take your training to the mat.  The ultimate balance of strength, stability, and stretching to keep your body in balance, choose from challenging Power Yoga and post-workout Recovery sequences.

Partner Workouts

Team up with a friend and switch off on sets for any workout. Tonal instantly adjusts weight for whoever is up next and tracks progress for the both of you (it’s double the motivation).

Custom Workouts

Work out exactly the way you want by building your workout from the ground up. Choose your favorite movements, add reps, adjust sets, and more. Name it. Save it. Play it on repeat.

strength training for triathletes

We teamed up with six-time IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPION Mark Allen to create a strengthening program for all levels of triathletes. Coach Mark guides you through every move to power your performance for exactly where you are in your training.

Guided Programs

Whether you’re looking to supercharge your training or just starting out, there’s a coach and a program for you. Tonal’s coaches help you sculpt your physique, boost your performance, look better, feel better, and stay healthier. Our expertly-designed programs mix in a range of exercises for a complete workout—and change them each session for maximum effectiveness and variety.

And Hundreds More

New workouts are filmed daily in our San Francisco and Los Angeles studios so there is always a fresh way for you to sweat.

Free Lift

Create your own routine in Free Lift Mode and let Tonal take care of the rest. Leave the notepad behind and let Tonal count your reps, sets, and adjust your weight suggestions in real-time.

The moves to build muscle.

From deadlifts to chest presses, study up on the 170+ moves you can do on Tonal.

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Meet your coaches

Tonal coaches are always ready when you are. Browse our incredible team of experts in muscle development, weight loss, sports performance, and more.