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Whether you’re looking to build muscle or lose weight, Tonal’s coaches have hundreds of hours of workouts and programming to get you there.

Our Philosophy

We believe that strength training is foundational to any fitness routine—and the science agrees. Strength is tied to healthy bones, injury prevention, and weight loss (as well as looking good in a swimsuit).

Guided Programs

Browse hundreds of hours of strength training content and choose from multi-week programs or one-off workouts. Then follow along on-screen as our certified personal trainers guide you through every movement. New content is filmed daily in our San Francisco studio.

Partner Workouts

Fitness is more fun with a friend. Turn any workout into a partner workout and sweat it out with a friend or loved one. Tonal will automatically adjust the weight for each participant and keep your results and progress tracked separately.

Free Lift Mode

Want to create your own workout? Use Free Lift mode to do the perfect workout for you. Browse from our move library and let Tonal’s Coach A.I. technology automatically adjust the weight so you don’t have to, and track your sets and reps.

Guided Programs

Set a goal, select a program, and follow along as Tonal coaches guide you through every movement. Whether you are a novice or an expert weight lifter, Tonal takes the guesswork out of strength training so you get better results, in less time.

And 100s More!

New workouts are filmed daily in our San Francisco studio so there is always a fresh way for you to sweat.

Free Lift

Create your own routine in Free Lift Mode and let Tonal’s Coach A.I. technology take care of the rest. Leave the notepad behind and let Tonal count your reps, sets, and adjust your weight suggestions in real-time.

The moves to build muscle.

From deadlifts to chest presses, study up on the 170+ moves you can do on Tonal.

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Meet your coaches

Tonal coaches are always ready when you are. Browse our incredible team of experts in muscle development, weight loss, sports performance, and more.