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Tonal is more than a workout. It’s expert coaching that takes your strength to the next level.

Workout Styles

Hundreds of Workouts on Demand

Workout Types

Work Out Your Way. Play It On Repeat.

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[no sound] Men and women work out using Tonal.

Guided Workouts

Take the guesswork out of strength training with on-demand workouts and Tonal’s A.I. that sets and adjusts your ideal weights, counts reps, and checks your form—all automatically.

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[no sound] An iPhone screen shows a user creating their own workout on the Tonal app.

Custom Workouts

Work out your way by creating a custom workout in the Tonal mobile app and choosing your moves, sets, reps, and even dynamic weight modes. Then name it. Save it. Play it on repeat.

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[no sound] A Tonal screen shows a man working out, and graphs adjusting as she exercises.

Free Lift

Don't want to follow a program? No problem, just use Free Lift and create your workout on the fly. Free Lift lets you choose each move as you go, while still taking advantage of Tonal’s A.I. to suggest weights and track your progress.

Movement Library

170+ Movements to Feel the Burn

See all moves

Partner Workouts

Make any workout a partner workout

In-person partner workouts

Double the motivation by working out with a friend—Tonal automatically adjusts the weights when you switch off moves and keeps track of both your reps and results for any workout you do together.

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[no sound] A Tonal screen shows user profile photos animating with icons and check marks.

Virtual group workouts

Work out with friends in multiple locations and on multiple Tonals, virtually. Everything is tracked as seamlessly as if you were working out together on the same Tonal. You can even give each other virtual high-fives to stay motivated.

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