Equipment The ultimate strength training machine

One machine for upper and lower body strength training.

Exceptional Engineering for Exceptional Results.

Tonal’s patented digital weight system makes thousands of calculations a second to deliver you a smooth weight lifting experience using magnets and electricity. By eliminating traditional metal weights Tonal can deliver 200 pounds of resistance in a device smaller than a flatscreen TV.

Digital Weights

Get unprecedented control and push yourself to your max. Lift any amount up to 200 pounds without racking and unracking metal weights. By eliminating inertia, Tonal provides resistance throughout the entire rep so you’re getting a more efficient and effective workout.

Touchscreen Display

Train with confidence with our integrated 24” interactive display. Select a program and follow along as Tonal coaches motivate you through every workout.

Built to challenge you

Tonal’s adjustable arms can support upper and lower body movements—from squats to chest presses. That means you can get a great full-body burn without ever leaving your house.

Now playing

your playlist

Sweat to the beat of your favorite Apple Music playlist or turn up Tonal Radio to the station of your choice.

Smart Accessories

Add dozens of additional movements and get the most out of Tonal’s digital weights with our Smart Accessory bundle. Engage weight wirelessly at the click of a button with our Smart Handles and Smart Bar, so you can spend less time preparing and more time getting stronger.

No Sweat Install

Tonal is delivered and installed by our trained professionals so you can save your energy for working out. Installation is quick and easy—all you need is a wall with two studs.

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Strong, Meet Smart.

Tonal’s built-in intelligence guides, learns, and tracks your workouts just like a real personal trainer would.

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