Every set sets you up to be your strongest.

See what makes Tonal the best all-in-one home gym to help you reach your goals.

  • Adjustable arms unlock a full range of motion to unleash your potential.

  • Perform 245+ moves with one sleek piece of equipment.

  • A 24" touchscreen display lets you access classes and see your stats in realtime.

  • Built to handle the toughest workouts, Tonal’s frame is durable without being disruptive to your home.

  • Unlock even more moves with the Smart Accessory Bundle.

Smart features. Tough workouts.

Like any good personal trainer, Tonal knows how to push you. With smart features backed by science, it'll help you reach your goals.

A woman is working out in her living room. She is sitting on the Tonal bench facing the machine and using the handles to complete a Lat Pulldown.

Strength Assessment

A 5-minute test sets a baseline to grow from.

Your first session is a 5-minute strength assessment so Tonal can learn about you and establish a baseline of where you are today. From that one session it knows exactly how much weight you can handle. Plus, as you work out longer, you'll be able to see how much stronger you've gotten.

An image of the Tonal interface with weight suggestions displayed

Weight Suggestions

Precisely sets the weight it know you can lift.

Tonal sets the ideal weight for every move automatically based on what you need to work on today to reach your goals.

An image of the Tonal interface with adaptive weight information displayed.

Adaptive Weight

Adjusts in 1lb increments automatically.

Tonal's adaptive weight adjusts in one pound increments, in realtime, to ensure every rep is efficient and effective.

A woman is working out in her living room. She is facing Tonal and is completing an Iso Split Squat.

Form Guidance

Nudges you to improve form and stay safe.

Tonal uses sensors to provide real-time guidance tailored to your form and technique. Range of motion, positioning, and pace are all monitored to keep you on track. Every exercise. Every workout.

A man is working out in his living room. He is facing Tonal, completing a Barbell Bent Over Row.

Spotter Mode

Automatically reduces weight to help you complete a rep.

Tonal’s Spotter Mode automatically senses when you're struggling to complete a rep and temporarily reduces the weight so you can finish the set. Like any good gym partner, Spotter Mode has your back. And chest. And arms, and legs…

Close up of a woman using Tonal handles to complete a Bicep Curl.

Dynamic Weight Modes

Keep your muscles guessing and growing.

A true personal trainer knows when and how to push you. Tonal takes this to the next level with Dynamic Weight Modes that automatically adjust the weights you’re lifting to create effective resistance throughout every rep.

Heart pumping workouts. Smart working technology.

See how easy it is to get going with Tonal today.

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