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  • There’s nothing more important in life than health.

    Serena Williams Tennis Champion

  • At the intersection of strength training and technology is Tonal. The A.I. technology provides maximum efficiency while tracking progress and specializing each workout to my personal goals and benchmarks. Who wouldn’t want an entire gym at home that only takes up wall space?

    Kelvin Beachum NY Jets Offensive Tackle

  • Tonal is one of the most incredible pieces of fitness equipment I’ve ever used. As someone who is always looking for new ways to train smarter, I was immediately impressed by the technology’s ability to challenge me and push me to the next level with my strength training.

    Sue Bird Pro Basketball

  • I’ve had a Tonal for almost two years. While in quarantine during COVID, I have relied heavily on it to maintain my strength training and believe it is revolutionizing how people will work out now and in the future.

    Steph Curry Pro Basketball

  • Tonal has been so fun to have in my garage, fully AI customized to my body and goals. I think putting in the time to work out in any form can be a priority for everyone. It’s essential to my routine and having Tonal at home makes it too easy.

    Sage Erickson Professional Surfer

  • But one of my favorite ways to stay fit has been lifting weights with Tonal I can feel my body morphing into a stronger overall athlete and know it will pay dividends when I get back to running.

    Shalane Flanagan Olympic Long Distance Runner

  • I was able to get my hands on a Tonal a few months ago while looking for ways to train at home ahead of the playoffs, and I was completely blown away. Tonal is the most incredible piece of fitness equipment I’ve ever used.

    Paul George Pro Basketball

  • As a dad of four, I don’t always have a lot of time to work out but Tonal helps inspire me to stay on track in the convenience of my own home.

    Tony Gonzalez NFL Hall of Famer

    Tony Gonzalez running with football
  • It pretty much fits an entire gym into one machine on my wall, that takes up almost no space.

    Jessie Graff Professional Stuntwoman

  • As much as I love my push-ups and pull-ups, I also love having the opportunity to try new things, including the Tonal workout system that uses digital weights. Best part is Tonal takes up as much space on the wall as my old Wayne Wong ski poster.

    Tony Horton Fitness Guru, Creator of P90X

  • Whether you are an athlete, CEO, artist or anyone who is trying to be great, it’s important to maximize your time and get the most out of every minute. So for me, Tonal and the technology it uses to maximize efficiency while still doing a complete workout is a perfect fit.

    LeBron James Pro Basketball

  • I realize when I am at my best, my fitness routine has to be rooted in strength training and with Tonal, I am at my best.

    Ryan Nece Retired Pro Football Player, Managing Partner at Next Play Capital

  • Since retiring from tennis, Tonal has become a major part of my fitness routine — especially spending more time at home this year, as we all have.

    Maria Sharapova Pro Tennis

  • With its adaptive weight and comprehensive progress reports, Tonal has been an incredible tool in my road to recovery.

    Klay Thompson Pro Basketball

  • Moving to a new city, I wasn’t sure where to go for a trainer. I discovered Tonal and it became the perfect solution. Coming off an injury, unique functionalities like turning the weight on and off with the touch of a button have helped me regain the confidence to start strength training again.

    Michelle Wie Pro Golf