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Get the most out of Tonal with one membership for your entire household.


With one membership, everyone in your home can have their own strength profile, progress tracking, and more.


Get access to expert trainers and hundreds of strength, yoga, and cardio workouts—all on your schedule.

Unlimited personalization

Everyone in your home gets curated fitness plans, individually optimized weights, and progress tracking specific to them.

Savings Calculator

Adjust the sliders to see how much you can save with a Tonal membership.

The average gym membership is $54 a month. Learn More
Personal training on average is $50 a session. Learn More
Boutique fitness studios typically charge $20 a class. Learn More
Yoga is often $15 a class. Learn More

With one Tonal membership, your household could be saving

$XXX Monthly

A Tonal membership with all of the above is only

$49 Monthly

Tonal offers all the workouts you love.

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