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Lift Confidently With Movement Replacements

Choose from 240+ movement substitutes on Tonal to make your workout work for you.

Movement replacements on Tonal

Sometimes during a workout, certain moves don’t always feel right. You may be recovering, exercising with an injury or physical limitation, or you simply want an alternative option that’s more in line with your goals. With movement replacements on Tonal, you can substitute any move in any workout with one that works better for you. This game-changer allows you to adapt moves within a workout, accommodate your body’s needs, and lift with more confidence.

Why Choose a Movement Replacement? 

There’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to strength training—everyone’s body is different. With movement replacements, you can swap in a move for any reason:

Tonal coach and certified personal trainer Kristina Centenari used movement replacements when she was recovering from knee surgery to get her workout done without any pain. Her parents are fans of the feature as well, as it empowers them to choose moves that help them build strength while staying in their comfort zones.

Here’s Coach Kristina on why she loves movement replacements:

Any Movement, Any Time

With movement replacements, you can choose from any of the 240+ bodyweight and on-Tonal moves in the Tonal library to sub in for any other exercise. Tonal offers intuitive suggestions that work similar muscles for the move you’re replacing, but you also have the option to exclude certain muscle groups or body regions to find a better fit for you. You’ll be able to filter moves by muscle group, accessory used, recently performed, on- or off-Tonal, and even find ones that use the same Tonal arm setup for a more seamless workout. 

How it Works

Replacing a move on Tonal is easy, and you can do it before you start your workout or even once you’re already lifting. 

Before a Workout:

Select your workout, and before you start exercising, review the workout details. You will see each move listed in the breakdown of your workout. Tap the movement you’d like to sub out, and you’ll see a preview of the move, along with options for choosing your replacement.

During a Workout: 

When it’s time to perform a move in your workout, click on the movement name on the bottom left of your trainer screen. Next, you’ll see the same options as above for filtering moves and selecting your replacement. 

The Bottom Line

Tailoring your workout to fit your needs will keep you motivated and help you reach your goals. If you come across an exercise that isn’t right for your body, it doesn’t have to hold you back. Movement replacements are designed to empower you to take control of your fitness and customize your workouts so they work for you.