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a man and a woman exercising together against a yellow background
  • Want to mix up your at-home workout routine? With Tonal, you can exercise alongside other members of your household with our Partner Workouts. 
  • With a Tonal membership, you get unlimited accounts for the entire family so everyone can track their progress independently. 
  • Partner Workouts are available for a variety of content, so if you want to find new ways of moving your body, having a buddy can help you try out different things. 

One of the best ways to stay motivated, consistent, and have fun with your workouts is to have a buddy or loved one with whom you can sweat it out. With our Partner Workouts, you and other members of your household and friends can work out on Tonal side by side and get stronger together. The best part is one membership gives you unlimited accounts for the entire family. 

Exercising with your friends and family on Tonal is not like any old workout at the gym. What distinguishes our Partner Workouts is Tonal’s ability to suggest just the right amount of resistance for you personally with our revolutionary digital weight. Digital weight automatically adjusts from person to person, so there’s no need to waste time changing weights.


Along with strength training, with Partner Workouts you can try different types of Tonal workout content together. This is especially great if you have other interests and want to encourage your loved ones to try new things. 

  • With Partner Workouts, members will do the same routine, one move after the other.
  • Tonal tracks your progress separately so everyone can track their progress independently.
  • Weight automatically changes based on the user, so you and your partner can spend more time exercising.


1. Go to your Tonal, and filter for Partner Workouts. Select the one you would like to do and hit start workout.

screen shot of Tonal UI showing a workout called Balance and Burn

2. Sign in your workout buddy. If they don’t have a Tonal account, we’ll prompt them to create one.

screen shot of Tonal UI showing how another person can be added to your workout

3. You’ll start with a warm-up. Then, Tonal will ask one of you to go first. After the first person completes their set, we’ll prompt the next person. While you wait for your turn, cheer each other on, rest, or do some active recovery.

screenshot of Tonal UI with a man performing an exercise


You’ll still see a Workout Summary after you and your partner finish the workout. Just tap your name at the top of the screen to toggle back and forth between your results. You can also access the Workout Summary from your Partner Workout in the Activity Tab of your Tonal mobile app profile.

If you love working out with other people, check out Tonal’s Virtual Group Workouts.

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