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Discover Tonal’s Virtual Group Workouts

Get stronger together as you cheer on friends in real-time virtual group workouts on Tonal.

  • If you love breaking a sweat with other people, our Virtual Group Workouts are tailor-made for you!  
  • It’s so simple, pick a workout and invite members to join. Everything is tracked seamlessly, as though you’re all working out on the same Tonal. 
  • See everyone’s reps in real-time and share virtual high-fives as you work out from the comfort of home.

Breaking a sweat with other people is a great way to stay motivated and have fun. With Tonal’s Virtual Group Workouts, you can join your friends in the same workout, at the same time, and see each other’s progress, all from the comfort of home. 

Having workout buddies can help you feel more challenged, and give you that extra boost when needed, and our Virtual Group Workouts are an opportunity to build camaraderie with other Tonal members. Stay motivated throughout the workout by giving and receiving virtual high-fives and viewing reps in real-time. Work out with friends in multiple locations with everything tracked seamlessly, like you’re all training together on the same Tonal. 

Our Virtual Group Workouts are a cut above the rest. Thanks to Tonal’s AI home gym, this is a revolutionary way to get stronger together! Pair the infectious energy and social experience of a group workout with our patented digital weight and progress-tracking features.

How It Works

Working out together, virtually, on Tonal is easy.

Choose a workout

Simply open a workout, tap the Partner Workout icon, and select Group Workout. Any guided workouts you can currently complete as a Partner Workout will have the Group Workout functionality. 

Invite up to 10 friends

Tonal generates a code for you to share with Tonal friends. Your friends will enter the code in the Tonal menu under “Join Group Workout.”

Start the workout

Everyone hangs out in a “waiting room” until you officially start the workout. If you start the workout before everyone arrives, no sweat—any latecomers will simply skip the waiting room and immediately join the workout. 

Work out together

We designed Virtual Group Workouts to make it easy for everyone to stay on the same set, because staying in sync is always more fun together. The Leader can move the workout ahead, or skip a move if a quicker pace is desired. 

Screenshots of how to select Virtual Group Workouts on Tonal

What to Expect

An inside look at how your friends are performing.

See everyone’s reps in real-time

Each Tonal member will have a personal avatar on their screen that shows how far along they are in their set. Stay on the lookout for any Personal Records in the group during the workout.

High-fives all around

Cheer each other on as you go. Simply tap on someone’s avatar followed by the clapping emoji to give a virtual high-five.

Lift more together

As you lift, a group volume counter will pop up in the corner, showing how many pounds the group has lifted together. Your workout summary will also indicate what the complete number of pounds is at the end, so you can celebrate how much more you can accomplish together.

We can’t wait to see you working out with all of your favorite Tonal friends. Start planning a Virtual Group Workout with your friends today, and let us know what you think in the Official Tonal Community.

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