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Get Ripped with the New Live Workout: R.E.P.S.

Break a sweat and build fitness in four dimensions with Tonal’s latest live class offering.

REPS 45 Workout on Tonal with Coach Ash Wilking

If you’ve ever participated in a group workout class, you know that the high-spirited environment can push you to achieve more than you might on your own. Beyond the motivation and energy you get from a live fitness experience, science suggests there’s more power in numbers—even if you aren’t working out together in person. According to a 2023 study, virtual fitness participants who are aware of the social aspect of their classes are more likely to feel motivated and adhere to an exercise plan. 

With Tonal’s R.E.P.S. workouts, you can enjoy all the energy and camaraderie of an in-person studio class with the ease and convenience of working out at home. Plus, you’ll lift with Tonal’s personalized weight recommendations and dynamic weight modes to build well-rounded fitness even faster. In just 45 minutes, you’ll get a full-body workout that’ll make you stronger, more powerful, and boost your endurance. Here’s what you need to know. 

What is R.E.P.S.?

R.E.P.S. is the newest addition to Tonal’s live workout lineup Every 45-minute workout is divided into four blocks, each with a specific focus. While the structure stays the same, each session varies, so the workouts are “consistent, but unique,” says Troy Taylor, Senior Director of Performance at Tonal. These are all intermediate-level workouts, but the duration-based sets let you work at your own pace. Here’s how the workout breaks down: 

Resistance: Each session kicked off with a  strength-focused block. The emphasis will be on lifting heavy via big, compound exercises with dynamic weight modes mixed in to stimulate strength gains while your muscles are fresh. 

Endurance: Typically the longest block of each workout, the endurance-building section will feature back-to-back moves in longer-duration sets—anywhere from around 45 to 90 seconds. Expect to get breathless and feel a burn in your working muscles. 

Power: Next up, you’ll work on generating power, or lifting with speed. Even though this block will typically work a different set of muscles than the previous one (think: upper body in the endurance block followed by lower body in the power block), the challenge will be moving with intention even as you start to fatigue. “You’ll build up this systemic fatigue, and then you’ll be asked to produce power,” says Taylor. 

Stamina: Each workout wraps up with a stamina-boosting burnout block. You’ll find the most variety of rep structures in this block, which could include drop sets, Tabata intervals, pyramids, ladders, and more. No matter the format, this block is designed to test your limits. “It’s going to leave you on the floor,” says Taylor. “It’ll be a lung-busting, muscle-burning finisher set.” 

What are the Benefits of R.E.P.S.?

Because every R.E.P.S. workout is a full-body session that targets four fundamental aspects of fitness, completing two or three of these per week will check off all your strength training needs. In fact, the current Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend at least two days per week of full-body muscle-strengthening activity. R.E.P.S. easily fulfills those requirements with the added cardiovascular challenge that comes with a fast-paced, high-intensity workout.

Combining resistance, endurance, power, and stamina training results in overall improvements in your strength and fitness. You’ll get all the benefits of resistance training, including reduced risk of all-cause mortality and preservation of bone density, along with the improved performance in sports and everyday activities that’s associated with power training. Add on the calorie-burning benefits and cardiovascular benefits of interval training, and you’ve got a workout that’ll build lean muscle and torch fat to shift your body composition

Since these workouts are designed to be done live, you’ll also get the benefit of active cueing from an energetic coach with lots of shout-outs to keep you motivated. There will be an emphasis on the social aspect of the workout, so expect lots of virtual cheers from your fellow members as you achieve accomplishments and hit new PRs.

Is R.E.P.S. Right for You?

If you love the shout-outs and social interactions that come with live workouts, or you enjoy boutique studio-style workouts, you will enjoy the high-energy, positive vibe of these classes and the feeling that you’re part of a team. All R.E.P.S. workouts feature duration-based sets, so these workouts are also ideal if you prefer lifting for time and not a set number of reps. 

Since you’ll find R.E.P.S. workouts scheduled on the same days and times each week, these classes are an excellent option if you like working out on a set schedule. There’s no guesswork when it comes to R.E.P.S.—simply show up, tap in, and get ready to sweat for 45 minutes.

How Can I Find R.E.P.S. Workouts on Tonal?

R.E.P.S. workouts stream live on Tonal every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 a.m. E.T. The coach will rotate each week so you’ll get a variety of motivational styles to keep your workouts fresh.

Tonal Live Workout Schedule

How to sign up for live classes

  1. On the Explore page in the Tonal mobile app, click the For You or Workouts tab on the top of the screen, and find the row labeled Upcoming Live Workouts.
  2. Click on the workout you want to do. It will take you to a Workout Summary page where you can see the workout in more detail and join the class.
  3. Hit the Sign Up button that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You’re all ready to go. You’ll get a notification 15 minutes before the class if you have push notifications enabled on your mobile device.

How to join a live class:

  1. At the top of the Explore page on the Tonal mobile app, find the row labeled Upcoming Live Workouts.
  2. Click on the workout you want to join. This will take you to a workout summary page where you can see the workout in more detail and join the class.
  3. You can join a Tonal Live class up to 10 minutes before it starts. Once you join, you will be taken to a waiting room with other members who have joined and a countdown timer will appear. However, keep in mind that you can’t join the workout after five minutes of its starting time.
  4. Once the class goes live, the screen will show the Tonal studio, where the coach will enter and begin the workout.