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Product News Transform Your Strength Training Routine With Dynamic Weight Modes

a man working out with his tonal against the graphic a green line marking his reps
  • Tonal’s dynamic weight modes give you variable resistance training with the touch of a button. 
  • Variable resistance training is a strength training technique in which weight changes over the course of each rep.
  • Variable resistance training can help you build strength faster by challenging you to break through plateaus.
  • Tonal’s dynamic weight modes — Spotter, Burnout, Chains, Eccentric, and Smart Flex — make it possible for you to strength train in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

On average, Tonal members increase their strength by 25 percent in the first 90 days. That means from the first month you start training consistently with Tonal, you will see changes in your body. 

Wouldn’t that happen anyway from working out regularly for three months? Yes, and no. 

Unlike dumbbells and gym equipment, Tonal’s digital weight adjusts thousands of times per second, making it possible to strength train in an unparalleled way. Our digital variable resistance training techniques help you increase strength gains and break through plateaus. Take advantage of our dynamic weight modes to get stronger, faster.

What are dynamic weight modes? 

Dynamic weight modes are Tonal’s digital take on variable resistance training. They help you get stronger and improve body composition in different ways. You can do variable resistance training in the gym by changing the momentum, angle, or tension. However, this often requires additional equipment and an extra set of hands. With Tonal’s dynamic weight modes, you get variable resistance training techniques at the touch of a button. 

Tonal has five dynamic weight modes: Spotter, Smart Flex, Eccentric, Chains, and Burnout.  


Spotters help you finish your last few reps when your muscles are fatigued, which is much harder to do when training by yourself. Tonal’s Spotter automatically senses if you’re struggling to complete a rep and temporarily reduces the weight. This makes it easier to train by yourself, but with all the advantages of having a trainer or workout buddy alongside you.

You can use Spotter mode for more than 170 moves so you can feel supported every time you lift. 

Read more about Spotter.

Smart Flex

When training with dumbbells and traditional static weights, the amount of resistance you can lift for each move is limited by the points where your muscles are weakest. 

Smart Flex customizes every rep to your body, down to every millimeter of every rep. Depending on when your muscles are their strongest during a move, Smart Flex intelligently matches your strength by continuously adding or subtracting weight. This ensures that your muscles are challenged throughout the entire range of motion of a rep. As a result, you’re lifting more weight, pushing your muscles harder, and getting stronger.

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Every lift has two phases: concentric and eccentric. For example, a biceps curl consists of a concentric portion when you lift the weight and an eccentric portion when you lower the weight back down.

Traditional weights rely on gravity, so you can’t alter the amount of resistance from the concentric portion of the lift to the eccentric unless you have a team loading and unloading the barbell as you lift. In the past, changing weight between phases wasn’t possible without a buddy at the gym, but with digital weight, you can do it automatically and seamlessly with the click of a button. 

Tonal’s Eccentric Mode adds more resistance when your muscles are at their strongest to work your muscles harder in every rep. With Eccentric Mode, you can add up to 60 percent of the weight to optimize your time under tension, building muscle and increasing your strength faster. 


Have you ever seen a person at the gym doing barbell curls with massive chains hanging off the ends? The idea behind loading up a barbell with extra metal is to increase resistance throughout a move.

Adding chains is not so easy in the gym — it requires additional bulky and noisy equipment. With Tonal, it’s straightforward and requires no additional equipment. With Chains, you can simulate the feeling of real chains, getting the benefits at the touch of a single button. You can use this dynamic weight mode and increase the intensity of any move to help build explosive power.

Find out how Chains can help improve your bench press strength. 


Burnout is perfect when you want to make a workout extra spicy. This dynamic weight mode keeps reducing resistance in a high-rep set so you can complete your last rep successfully and keep pushing yourself to build muscle.

Performing a set like this with dumbbells or traditional weights would require you to swap weights between reps, using lighter dumbbells every time. Tonal’s Burnout makes it possible for you to perform sets in this way without any additional equipment.

Curious about digital weight? Find a Tonal near you and experience the strength training revolution in person with a workout and demo.