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Product News Why Tonal’s Spotter is a Game Changer

in this image graphic a man is performing bicep curls. on the left of the image is a number showing how much he is lifting: 53lbs
  • Leave the dumbbells and traditional weights in the past and discover what it’s like to lift with a digital spotter. 
  • Tonal’s Spotter is just like having someone in the gym to help you complete your last rep or two, making it possible for you to go further than before and get stronger, faster. 
  • Spotter automatically senses if you’re struggling to complete a rep, and reduces the resistance temporarily to help you get to the finish line. 

You may have seen spotters at the gym, it’s usually a trainer working alongside someone and encouraging them when those last couple of reps become too challenging. Traditionally, spotters help you finish your last few reps when your muscles get fatigued, which is much harder to do when training by yourself. 

Now here’s a game-changer for you. With Tonal’s revolutionary digital weight, you can get the benefits of training with a spotter anytime. Spotter is one of Tonal’s dynamic weight modes, it helps you strength train more effectively and get stronger, faster. Read on to learn more about Spotter. 

Pro Tip: Digital weight is at the heart of the Tonal strength training experience. Unlike clunky dumbbells and traditional free weights, digital weight makes it possible to fine-tune the exact resistance at every millimeter and millisecond of a movement and enable our dynamic weight modes like Spotter.

Spotter mode acts like your trainer or workout buddy

Tonal’s Spotter makes it easy to train by yourself comfortably at home with all the advantages of having a trainer or workout buddy alongside you. Spotter automatically senses if you’re struggling to complete a rep and temporarily reduces the weight. Spotter will also give you the weight back if it feels like you’re no longer struggling, 

Spotter is easy to use. It’s always on by default (and easy to switch off too), so you can automatically use this dynamic weight mode for more than 170 moves across hundreds of Tonal workouts and programs. Spotter will make you feel strong, confident, and supported every time you lift. 

Five benefits of using Tonal’s Spotter 

Train more effectively and efficiently, and get the most out of every workout — here are the benefits of working out with Spotter. 

  1. Train smartly and safely. Getting set up for lifts is simple — with our Smart Handles and Smart Bar — you never have to get into position under load. Just turn on the weight with the touch of a button once you’re ready to lift.
  2. Work out with more confidence. Spotter mode decreases the weight in one-pound increments. With dumbbells or free weights, you have to jump to lower weights based on what’s available. With Tonal, you lift more volume and get stronger, faster. 
  3. Lift to failure. Spotter is tailor-made for pushing yourself harder and unlocking those strength gains by challenging yourself to lift until failure. 
  4. Get creative. If you have strength routines that you know and love, you can build them out with Custom Workouts and then take advantage of Spotter mode. Tonal will recommend the weight, spot you, and provide you with detailed reports after every session.
  5. Get the most out of every workout. With Tonal’s Spotter, you can finish every rep and make each one count. You’ll end each workout you do with that amazing feeling of having given it your very best. 

Want to know what it feels like to lift with digital weight? Find a Tonal near you and experience the strength training revolution in-person with a workout and demo.