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Workout The Ultimate Tonal Workout Guide: Get Lean, Build Muscle and Improve Fitness

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Updated: September 3, 2021.

Whether your goal is to get lean, build muscle, or improve fitness, you need a roadmap to help you get there. Tonal’s coach-led strength training content is designed to help you target these goals through individual Guided Workouts or multi-week programs. Tonal’s programs last several weeks and consist of three to four workouts per week.

For any goal, it helps to have a long-term strategy that enables you to undulate your training from one month to the next. For example, if you want to get lean, often, the best way to do that is to spend four weeks building muscle and then returning to workouts geared towards burning calories. 

In this ultimate workout guide, we’ll show you exactly how to utilize Tonal’s wealth of content for the purpose of undulation, one program after another to reach your goals, whether you’re fresh on the scene or a bonafide pro.


When you start your journey with Tonal, you’ll be asked to choose from one of three goals: Get LeanBuild Muscle, and Improve Fitness. Based on Coach Nicolette’s recommendations, you’ll find many different programs in this guide — from beginner to advanced — highlighted within each goal to help you get stronger. 

Each program progresses or undulates in workout time, volume, difficulty, and intensity, helping to build on your strength and fitness as you move from one program to the next. You may notice some programs from different goals and levels appear in more than one category, that’s because some programs are cross-functional, and this precisely is the point of undulation. 

Coach Nicolette explains that “undulation, or adjusting your workout variables is vital. This helps manage fatigue, minimizes joint pattern overload, and helps you reach your goals. Above all, train for the goal you wish to achieve. Working out randomly will produce random results. Training with a purpose and with your goal top of mind yields results.”  

If you’re a newbie to Tonal, this guide will help you figure out how to build a long-term workout plan. If you’ve been using Tonal for a while, this guide will serve as a great resource for building out a long-term strategy for your evolving strength and fitness goals.

Coach Nicolette says it’s not an issue if you have already done some of these workouts. “We are not looking for perfection here, so if you have done any of these in a different order, don’t fret. This is simply a guide, a roadmap. Detours, side roads, and scenic routes are most definitely allowed.”

BEGINNER (new to Tonal or strength training)

After completing your strength training assessment and calibrating your digital weight, Coach Nicolette suggests these programs because they are a good choice for anyone new to strength training or Tonal. “These programs are a great way to start your journey on Tonal, get comfortable with the trainer, and be comfortable with healthy movement.” 

  1. More Gain, Less Pain – Coach Liz
  2. Easy on the Joints – Coach Liz


“These programs are designed to help you get lean, build muscle, burn calories and get that heart rate up through high volume and shorter rest breaks. Each program complements the one before and after with varying intensities and rep ranges. The programs grow increasingly more difficult to help you improve body composition.”

Get Lean: Beginner

  1. Starting Out With Tonal – Coach Liz  
  2. Fit For Summer – Coach Paul
  3. Building Basics – Coach Natalie
  4. Lean Muscle Mastery – Coach Jared
  5. Making Muscle: Beginner – Coach Nicolette
  6. The House That Paul Built – Coach Paul
  7. Fit and Focused – Coach Frances
  8. Strong Start – Coach Liz
  9. Burnout Challenge – Coach Paul
  10. Shape Up for Summer – Coach Pablo

Get Lean: Intermediate

  1. Summer Shred – Coach Jackson
  2. Can’t Resist Eccentric – Coach Paul
  3. Everyday Fit – Coach Allison
  4. Making Muscle: Intermediate – Coach Nicolette
  5. Sweaty and Lean – Coach Paul 
  6. HIIT the Beach – Coach Gabby
  7. Burn and Build – Coach Jackson
  8. Sweat and Shred – Coach Pablo
  9. Fast Fitness – Coach Natalie
  10. Energy in Motion – Coach Liz
  11. TonalFit Challenge – Coach Pablo

Get Lean: Advanced

  1. Muscle Building Burnout – Coach Jackson
  2. Lean In – Coach Liz
  3. 4 Weeks to Fat Loss – Coach Jackson
  4. Pep in Your Step – Coach Natalie
  5. Power to the Max – Coach Nicolette
  6. Go Big or Go Home – Coach Jackson
  7. Energy Ignited – Coach Paul
  8. Raising the Barbell 2 – Coach Nicolette 
  9. Radical Body Rock – Coach Pablo
  10. 4 Weeks to Fat Loss 2 – Coach Jackson


“These programs are designed to help you get stronger while building functional muscle mass through compound lifts, power-based exercises, dynamic weight modes, and even some volume. Each program complements the one before and after with varying intensities and rep ranges. Programs grow increasingly more difficult to help you get stronger while building muscle mass.”

Build Muscle: Beginner

  1. Live (Beta): Best For Beginners – Coach Natalie
  2. Find Your Strength – Coach Nicolette
  3. Good to Great – Coach Paul
  4. Great Glutes – Coach Allison 
  5. Strong Finish – Coach Liz
  6. Slow and Strong – Coach Liz 
  7. Get In, Get Out – Coach Jackson
  8. Off the Floor – Coach Natalie 
  9. Barbell Basics – Coach Pablo
  10. Functional Fitness – Coach Liz
  11. Starting Strength – Coach Jackson
  12. Dedicated & Disciplined – Coach Pablo
  13. Making Muscle: Beginner – Coach Nicolette

Build Muscle: Intermediate

  1. Live (Beta): Well Rounded Strength – Coach Frances
  2. Strong is Beautiful – Coach Natalie
  3. How Paul Built His Body – Coach Paul
  4. Stronger Every Day – Coach Natalie
  5. Better Bench – Coach Pablo
  6. Shoulder Strength – Coach Jackson 
  7. Smart Build – Coach Nicolette
  8. Better Bike and Tread – Coach Nicolette
  9. The Daily Build – Coach Liz
  10. Push Pull Power – Coach Jared 
  11. Smart Flex Challenge – Coach Nicolette 
  12. Basic Body Split – Coach Pablo
  13. Brute Strength – Coach Nicolette

Build Muscle: Advanced

  1. Body Blitz – Coach Paul
  2. Hyped Up Hypertrophy – Coach Nicolette
  3. Extreme Strength Challenge – Coach Paul
  4. True Strength – Coach Nicolette
  5. Unleash the Beast – Coach Paul
  6. Muscle Building Burnout – Coach Jackson
  7. More Gains with Chains 2 – Coach Paul
  8. Dead on Deadlift – Coach Pablo
  9. Go Big or Go Home – Coach Jackson
  10. Go Big or Go Home 2 – Coach Jackson
  11. Radical Muscle Rock – Coach Pablo
  12. Advanced 5×5 – Coach Natalie
  13. Raising the Barbell – Coach Nicolette
  14. Raising the Barbell 2 – Coach Nicolette
  15. Power to the Max – Coach Nicolette


Coach Nicolette recommends these programs to improve fitness as they are designed to improve strength, balance, and flexibility for everyday functionality and sports performance. “These programs are great if you want to improve performance of specific lifts, take a break from intense programming, or if you’re concentrating on the performance of a certain sport. They are not in any specific order and can be done however you choose.” 

Improve Fitness: Beginner

  1. Easy on the Joints – Coach Liz
  2. More Gain, Less Pain – Coach Liz
  3. Body Lab – Coach Liz
  4. 5K Strong – Coach Liz
  5. Watts Up – Coach Liz
  6. Winter Training – Coach Kelly
  7. Beginner Boost – Coach Natalie
  8. Good to Great – Coach Paul
  9. Perform a Push Up – Coach Natalie
  10. Balancing Act – Coach Natalie
  11. Live Beta: Better Posture Everyday – Coach Nicolette

Improve Fitness: Intermediate

  1. Super Squats – Coach Paul
  2. Strength for the Slopes – Coach Kelly
  3. Tonal Tune Up – Coach Nicolette
  4. Side by Side – Coach Liz
  5. Better Bench – Coach Pablo
  6. Better Bike and Tread – Coach Nicolette
  7. Triathlon Endurance – Coach Mark
  8. Triathlon Power – Coach Mark
  9. Take a Hike – Coach Nicolette
  10. Stronger for Sport – Coach Allison
  11. Knees with Ease Challenge – Coach Liz
  12. Live (Beta): Full Body Knockout – Coach Pablo

Improve Fitness: Advanced

  1. Better Bike and Tread 2 – Coach Nicolette
  2. Dead on Deadlift – Coach Pablo
  3. Performance Savvy – Coach Kelly
  4. Live (Beta): No Day Off – Coach Paul