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The Ultimate Tonal Program Finder Tool: Improve Fitness, Get Lean, and Build Muscle

This complete guide will help you pick the perfect training program to reach your goals.

Ultimate Tonal Workout Guide

Fitness is a lifelong pursuit. There’s always a new skill to learn, exercise to master, or PR to smash. Valuing the journey instead of the destination ensures you’ll stick with it for the long haul—and may even help you reach those goals along the way a little faster. 

In fact, one recent study showed that learning- or process-based goals are more likely to set you up for success than specific outcome-based goals, especially if you’re just getting started. 

That’s why the programs across Tonal’s three goal options—Improve Fitness, Get Lean, and Build Muscle—are all process-based and feature engaging workouts with high-energy coaches who’ll help you enjoy each step you take in your fitness journey. These progressive, multi-week programs take the guesswork out of your fitness routine. But you can’t reach your goals if you’re not consistent. Tonal members who follow programs are 55 percent more consistent week-over-week than those who only do one-off workouts. 

When you choose a program, it’s important that its level of challenge aligns with your current skills. A program that’s too challenging might frustrate you, and a program that’s too easy means you’ll probably get bored. Tonal’s programs are divided into three levels—Beginner,  Intermediate, and Advanced—so you can find one that meets you where you’re at right now. 

Tonal members who follow programs are 55 percent more consistent week-over-week than those who only do one-off workouts. 

Plus, you can forget analysis paralysis and endless scrolling. There’s no decision fatigue when you’re doing a Tonal program—just press play and an expert coach will guide you through your workout. The next workout will be waiting for you when you return. Based on your initial strength assessment and past performance, Tonal also personalizes weight recommendations for each move so you can make progress at your own pace. 

Through consistent exposure to similar exercises with gradual progression, Tonal programs encourage you to build competency in your movements, which leads to a sense of accomplishment. Finishing a program (or multiple programs) boosts feelings of self-efficacy, or your belief that you’re capable of completing the necessary actions to achieve your goals. This confidence will likely transfer beyond your workouts and into other areas of your life. 

Read on to learn more about each of Tonal’s goals, and click through for a detailed explanation of how Tonal’s programs will help you achieve that goal. On the individual goal pages, you’ll learn which programs are right for you at your current skill level, and how to know when you’re ready to kick it up a notch.

Improve Fitness

Improve Fitness on Tonal

This is Tonal’s “ready for anything goal,” prepping you to move better in everyday life and the activities you love. In these programs, you’ll gain cardiovascular endurance and movement proficiency that’ll make everything you do feel a little easier, whether that’s playing with your grandkids or racing a local 5K.

In these workouts, you’ll focus on multi-directional and rotational movements, which translate to better balance, agility, and coordination. The result: You’ll have more energy and feel more competent in how you move your body. 

Find the right Improve Fitness program for you here.

Get Lean

Get Lean programs on Tonal

In these programs, you’ll build lean muscle and burn calories with the overall aim of shifting your body composition, or your body’s ratio of lean mass to fat. You’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment when you complete each challenging—but still fun—workout. 

These programs feature high-intensity resistance training, which means you’ll lift lots of volume with little rest time. It’s a surefire method for improving your work capacity, or the amount of exercise you can do in a given time. The workouts are engaging and energetic, and you’ll love how confident you feel as you work toward your goal. 

Find the right Get Lean program for you here.

Build Muscle

Build Muscle on Tonal

With an emphasis on the scientific principles of resistance training, these programs help you gain muscle mass and improve your strength and power. That means you’ll not only lift heavy but also incorporate time for recovery to ensure you’re making consistent progress and breaking through plateaus. 

This type of functional strength training doesn’t just make your muscles bigger—it also equips your body to handle the demands of everyday life and excel in your workouts. You’ll enjoy the confidence that comes with feeling stronger as you move through your day.

Find the right Build Muscle program for you here.

Programs for Getting Started or Making Your Comeback

Programs for beginners and coming back from injury or illness.

When you’re just starting your strength training journey or bouncing back after an injury, illness, or long break, your routine might look a little different. The right beginner-friendly program will meet you where you’re at and provide a safe and engaging introduction (or reintroduction) to strength training. 

In this category, you’ll also find programs and workouts designed to reduce soreness or prevent pain. To make the most of these workouts, use Tonal’s movement replacement feature to replace exercises that don’t feel right, and don’t hesitate to turn on Recovery Weight to lighten the load.

Find the right program for getting started or making your comeback here.

Sport and Performance Training

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or weekend warrior, resistance training can help you level up your game. Through performance-oriented training, you’ll become faster, more powerful, and more resilient against injuries.

On Tonal, you’ll find sport-specific programs geared toward activities like running, skiing, and golf, as well as general athletic workouts in which you’ll develop the strength, coordination, and explosive movement that nearly all sports demand.

Find the right performance training program for you here.

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