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Get Strong on the Go With Tonal’s Mobile Workouts

With mobile workouts, you can keep your streak going when you’re away from home.

graphic with a number of phone screens with images of coaches captured in a various moments of a workout and the following text overlay: "Mobile Workouts (Beta): Keep you streak alive whenever you're away from Tonal"
  • Tonal members can now keep working out while they’re away from home and maintain their streak and strength gains with the Tonal mobile app.
  • Members that have completed an assessment or a workout with digital weight will have access to our off-Tonal workouts via the Tonal app for iOS or Android. 
  • This is a beta release, so we want to hear about you think of this new feature! 

Now you can get strong on-the-go with Tonal! Our mobile workouts will give you access to all off-Tonal guided workouts such as yoga, bootcamp, Pilates, barre, kickboxing, and more. So, if you’re ever traveling or away from home, you can find plenty of ways to move your body with the Tonal mobile app for iOS or Android

Mobile Workouts are one of the most requested features from Tonal members. They’re a great way to keep up your hard-earned streak when spending time away from Tonal, as long as you have access to the mobile app and Wi-Fi. Members who have completed an assessment or a workout with digital weight on Tonal can access our library of workout content.

Using Mobile Workouts

It’s really easy to use this new workout feature. 

  • First, be sure to update your Tonal mobile app to the latest version.
  • The next time you’re on the go and want to workout, open up your Tonal app and head to the Explore tab.
  • Tap on any off-Tonal workout such as yoga, bootcamp, barre, or kickboxing. You can locate these in the “On The Go” tab. 
  • Hit the “Start Workout” button at the bottom of your screen. 
  • Tap on the screen at any point to pause or access the “End Workout” button, skip forward, or rewind your workout.

Mobile workouts are the perfect way to keep getting stronger with us when you’re away from your Tonal.

Download the mobile app for iOS

Download the mobile app for Android

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