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Product News What’s New on Tonal September 2019

Welcome to Tonal’s monthly newsletter. Here at Tonal, we’re constantly building new ways to improve your strength and fitness. That’s why, starting this September, we’re delivering you a monthly recap of new workouts, product updates, and community news to keep you up-to-date.

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New Workouts and Programs

Get In, Get Out with Coach Jackson

Program: 5x/week for 4 weeks
Full Body
Designed to help you Gain Strength

Get ready for an action-packed, full-body program with none other than Coach Jackson. Five days is all you need to push your body into prime shape from your shoulders to your shoes. Check it off your list, then check out those new muscles.

Running Recovery with Coach Liz

Workout: 23 minutes
Core, Lower Body
Designed to help you Improve Performance

Can’t stop, won’t stop. This active recovery program keeps runners moving on their “off” days. Help your muscles bounce back from hard runs, increase circulation, and get things moving again as you train for your race. 

Stop, Drop, and Reset with Coach Natalie

Workout: 19 minutes
Full Body
Designed for Active Recovery

This quick recovery workout lets you regenerate when you’re not hitting it hard. Make use of floor exercises to keep muscles engaged, stretched, and working toward your goals. Integrate this recovery day into you full-length Tonal program. 

Take A Hike with Coach Nicolette

Program: 3x/week for 4 weeks
Full Body
Designed to help you Improve Performance

Minimize joint pain, soreness, and discomfort after a long hike. This conditioning program works your full body, with emphasis on movements that strengthen your natural gait. Unlock the strength to better enjoy your treks through the great outdoors.

Core Strength for Cycling with Coach Liz

Workout: 20 minutes
Designed to help you Gain Strength

Cycling works more than just your legs. Build an invincible core that can power your rides and withstand the heavy climbs. This workout integrates your entire body with an emphasis on the muscles cyclists use most. 


Product Updates

Work out with a buddy with Tonal's new Partner Workouts feature

Partner Workouts

Working out with a buddy is fun, motivational, and an enjoyable way to get a sweat session in. And now you can do it on Tonal! Read more


Keep track of how many consecutive weeks you complete a Tonal workout with our latest feature in the mobile app. Read more

Screen Cleaning Mode

Want to clean your Tonal screen without pressing any buttons? Head to your Settings and select Screen Cleaning Mode on your trainer!

Safety video

Our new safety video gives an overview of our recommendations for the best – and safest – workout experience on Tonal. This video will be shown one time to every person with a Tonal account. And you can access our safety recommendations in the Tonal knowledge base any time.  


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