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Kick Off 2023 with Tonal’s Four-Week Fast Track: Fresh Sets Challenge

Level up your new year with new workouts, new recipes, and support from the Tonal community.

Four-Week Fast Track: Fresh Sets

Consistency is key to seeing results in your fitness journey—but variety is just as important if you want to stay engaged and avoid falling off the fitness wagon before the end of the month.

This January, Tonal is launching its biggest challenge yet: Four-Week Fast Track: Frest Sets. This new program comes with an emphasis on spicing up your routine through different training modalities, undulating programming, creative meal prep ideas, and new strategies for setting goals and actually following through on them. 

While you’ll certainly gain fitness and confidence—and have a lot of fun—during the challenge, you’ll also establish habits that’ll keep your momentum going throughout the rest of the year. Tonal’s January challenge will give you all the tools you need to level up your fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle beyond these four weeks. 

The challenge kicks off on Monday, January 2. Follow along here and in the Official Tonal Community on Facebook for tips and support along the way. Tonal members will also receive emails each week with links to the recipes and weekly workout calendars. 

Here’s what you can expect in the Four-Week Fast Track: Fresh Sets challenge. 

The Workouts: Get the Full Schedule

There are two tracks available: beginner (Level I) and intermediate/advanced (Level II). Both are offered on-demand and will help you commit to strength training three days per week for four weeks. On your off days, Tonal’s programming specialists have recommended a mix of mobility, cardio, and Quick Fit sessions to complement your program workouts. 

Both programs feature workouts from six different Tonal coaches, each bringing their own unique energy and motivational style. You’ll also alternate your weekly focus between hypertrophy and muscular endurance to build lean muscle mass one week and then shed fat and burn calories the next to get lean. 

The workouts are all on-demand so you can easily fit them into your schedule. They’ll be available on your Tonal and mobile app on Monday, January 2. Use Tonal’s routine planning features to set your program schedule and add the recommended off-day sessions.

The Recipes

Eating healthy, home-cooked meals is a smart strategy for ensuring you’re getting all the nutrients you need to help you reach your goals. But it’s easy to fall into one of two traps when it comes to cooking: Either you ambitiously meal prep but get bored of eating the same meal each day or you burn out trying to cook something new every night. 

The remix recipes in the Tonal’s January challenge solve both problems: You’ll spend one chunk of time meal prepping and doing most of your cooking and then remix your original dish during the week to create something new—without a ton of work. 

The meals are also designed to specifically support the goal of your training each week. During hypertrophy-focused weeks, your meals will emphasize protein for muscle growth and recovery while, during the endurance-focused weeks, you’ll concentrate on eating the healthy carbs necessary to fuel those workouts. 

With breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes, you’ll end the month with plenty of new meal ideas that you can repeat—and remix—after the challenge.

Every Friday, we’ll be releasing the shopping lists and recipes for the upcoming week so you can meal prep over the weekend. 

The Community

Even though you’ll be able to do all the workouts from the comfort of your own home, you won’t be alone in the challenge. Throughout the month, you can share your progress and get support from fellow members in the Official Tonal Community. Tonal coaches will also be popping in to share their advice for getting the most out of the challenge, and you can follow them on Instagram for motivation all month long. 

January 4, 3 p.m. PT: Coach Tanysha Renee and Coach Ash Wilking
January 11, 3 p.m. PT: Coach Kristina Centenari and Coach Tim Landicho 
January 18, 3 p.m. PT: Coach Joe Rodonis
January 25, 3 p.m. PT: Coach Kendall “Woody” Wood

Follow Tonal on Instagram for pep talks, cooking demos, and more featuring these Tonal coaches, and get involved to join the fun!

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