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Jumpstart 2024 with Four-Week Fast Track: Evolution

Set yourself up for success all year long with Tonal’s biggest fitness challenge ever.

Four-Week Fast Track: Evolution

The new year is the perfect opportunity to jumpstart your fitness journey. In fact, the “fresh start effect” in behavioral science shows that people who establish a new habit at the beginning of the week, month, or year, are more likely to stay committed. But getting started is only the first step—you also need the dedication to follow through.

That’s why Four-Week Fast Track: Evolution, Tonal’s biggest January challenge ever, is all about creating progressive changes that you can maintain long after the end of the month. With a variety of different training methods and a cast of world-class coaches, you’re guaranteed to never get bored with your workouts. You’ll also get a fresh set of nutritious recipes to add to your repertoire. It’s everything you need to build muscle, burn fat, and supercharge your fitness. 

The challenge kicks off on January 1, 2024, and features four weeks of workouts, healthier versions of comfort food recipes, and the opportunity to get support from Tonal’s coaches and fellow members in the Official Tonal Community on Facebook. 

Read on for more on what awaits you in this brand-new program.

A New Day, Every Day

Every workout in the program features a different training style to challenge your muscles in new ways and keep you engaged. You’ll drive hypertrophy while burning fat with German body composition training, take advantage of short rest periods to build muscle with cluster sets, mix up your reps in pyramid sets, and more. All seven Tonal coaches lead workouts throughout the program, bringing their own unique style and motivation.  

While the programming may appear random, there’s a method behind the madness. Four-Week Fast Track: Evolution builds on the wild success of last year’s January challenge and, like all of Tonal’s coach-led programs, is scientifically designed around the principle of progressive overload, with each workout building on the next. That means you’ll be making steady progress toward your goals while enjoying a variety of fresh workouts and a rotating roster of coaches. 

Four-Week Fast Track: Evolution workouts

There are two tracks to choose from within the program.

Level I is beginner-friendly and includes all full-body workouts to help you gain well-rounded fitness.

Four Week Fast Track: Evolution Level I Calendar

For intermediate and advanced lifters, Level II introduces an upper-/lower-body split to max out your muscle groups while allowing for time to rest in between.

Four-Week Fast Track: Evolution Level II

Both levels kick off with a benchmark workout to assess your strength at the start of the program. You’ll repeat this same workout on the final day to see how far you’ve come in just four weeks. It’ll give you the confidence and motivation to keep making progress all year long.

Comfort Food, Evolved

Workouts are only part of the equation in leveling up your fitness. Dialing in your nutrition to ensure you’re getting the right macronutrients to support gaining muscle, burning fat, and recovering from your training is also essential. 

Four-Week Fast Track: Evolution recipes

For a nutrition plan to stick, it has to include all the foods you love so you don’t feel deprived and give up. Tonal’s January challenge includes evolved versions of Tonal coaches’ favorite foods, such as ice cream, tacos, and even BBQ ribs. These protein-packed versions taste delicious and support your goals. 

Here are a few of the recipes you’ll see this month:

Ongoing Support

When you sign up for Four-Week Fast Track: Evolution, you’re also joining a community of members who will be there to support you and motivate you along the way. Check out the Official Tonal Community on Facebook to find an accountability partner or share your progress. Join Tonal coaches in these Facebook Live events to ask questions about the program and get tips on how to keep crushing your workouts: 

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