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Product News What’s New on Tonal November 2019

New Stores, New Locations

Tonal has officially landed in three new cities, with more on the way! You can now find Tonal in Century City, Los Angeles, the Bandier store in NYCNeighborhood Goods in Dallas, and soon in New Jersey at Short Hills Mall. Tell your friends and family in these cities that they can book a demo and try Tonal for themselves.

New Workouts and Programs

Power to the Max

4 Week Program with Nicolette 
Ready to up your output? Coach Nicolette has a challenge for you. Increase your power, then burn out your muscles, and finish with a heart-pumping cardio sweat. Get in the game and prepare to power up. 

Go Big Go Home

4 Week Program with Jackson 
This body building program combines classic movements with a Tonal twist. Using Eccentric Mode, you’ll increase resistance both as you contract and as you release, for more time under tension. Mold your muscles faster than ever. Bring on the bulk.

Lower Body Burnout

42 minutes with Gabby 
Dial up the intensity with a lower body burnout, complete with heart-pumping cardio. Coach Gabby leads a series of squats, lunges, and more – both on and off Tonal. Walk away from leg day feeling sweaty and satisfied.

Move to Improve

13 minutes with Paul 
No Days Off. That’s what Coach Paul says when he trains clients to move through soreness. By incorporating mindfulness with movement and lighter weight, you’ll feel restored and ready to sweat it out again with physical and mental clarity.

Head to your trainer to see many more new workouts and programs every week.

Product Updates

Introducing: Tonal High Intensity

A whole new style of fast-paced workouts designed to burn calories and make you sweat. Read more

Apple Healthkit Integration

Synchronize your Tonal activity and profile information with Apple Health. To connect with Apple Health, simply open your Tonal mobile app, head to your Profile, and select Settings in the upper right corner. Then, select Apple Health in your Settings menu. Don’t have the mobile app yet? Download it now for iOS or Android.

Filter and browse workouts on your trainer

You can now easily filter workouts and programs by time duration, coach, category and level to find exactly what you’re looking for.

New: Burnout Mode

You now have the option to choose between Spotter and Burnout when you need a way to address muscle fatigue during a challenging set. 

Spotter reduces the weight when you start to fail on your last few heavy lifts. It will give you back the weight spotted after you’ve completed a rep so that you can maximize your strength gains. It’s just like having a spotter at the gym who helps you with your last rep or two.

Burnout reduces the weight when you start to fatigue during a high-rep set. It will keep reducing the weight until you’re finished with the set so that you can push yourself to build muscle faster.

Refer a friend

Share Tonal with a friend! They’ll receive $100 off Smart Accessories upon their purchase, and you’ll receive exclusive Tonal Swag. Just open your Tonal mobile app, head to your Profile, and select Settings in the upper right corner. Then, select “Refer a Friend” to share your unique referral link. Read more.

Join the Community

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