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Product News What’s New on Tonal January 2020

Join The #TonalGivesBack Charity Giveaway

Happy New Year! This January we’re hosting the #TonalGivesBack Charity Giveaway with KEEN—a nonprofit organization that empowers youth with disabilities by providing free, one-to-one programs of exercise, fitness, and fun. We’ll donate $5 to KEEN for every Tonal workout you share with the hashtag #TonalGivesBack, and you’ll be entered to win exciting prizes. Read our announcement in the Official Tonal Facebook Community to learn how to participate.

New Workouts and Programs


57 Minutes with Coach Frances 
This challenging yoga flow demands full-body strength. Coach Frances leads you through a series of vinyasas and balancing postures, helping you find stability in the muscles and the mind.


4 Week Program With Coach Kelly
Optimize your ski or snowboarding performance with this full-body program. Coach Kelly helps you train in-season without fatiguing your muscles, so you can keep conquering those hard-hitting days on the snow.


30 Minutes with Coach Liz
Challenge yourself with Eccentric dynamic weight mode, designed to help you build muscle faster. Coach Liz takes you through a series of high-rep exercises that will amp up your arms and upper body. Bonus: it’s easy on the shoulders. 


3 Week Program with Coach Paul
Get lean using Tonal’s Eccentric Mode, which adds resistance not just as you lift, but as you release the weight. Coach Paul will help you push your limits, build confidence, and get more build for your burn.

Head to your trainer to see many more new workouts and programs every week.

Product Updates

New Music Stations

Now you can listen to “Tonal Ambient” and “Tonal Downtempo” while you work out – two new music stations that pair perfectly with Yoga, Active Recovery, or the cool down portion of your workouts. Find music stations by swiping down at the top of your screen to access the Settings menu, and selecting the music player icon.

Share Workouts Stats to Social Media

You can now share your Streak number, Strength Score, and cumulative Tonal stats from the Tonal mobile app. Just tap the share icon in the upper right hand corner of your Profile and swipe through a variety of stat summaries that you can share.

Let Your Tonal Give a Demo

Are your friends curious about Tonal? Let your Tonal give a demo! Just log out of your Tonal account using the menu in the upper right corner, select Try It at the bottom of the screen, and then select the 3 minute demo video titled “Try It”.

Now On Your Trainer: Strength Score Over Time

Last month we introduced the ability to view your Strength Score progress over time in the Tonal mobile app, and now you can view it on your trainer too. Head to your Profile in the menu on the upper right corner of your Tonal screen and you’ll see it in your summary of workout stats.

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