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Product News What’s New on Tonal August 2020

We teamed up with six-time IRONMAN Triathlon World Champion Mark Allen to create a strengthening program for all levels of triathletes. Coach Mark guides you through every move to power your swim, bike, and run for exactly where you are in your training.

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We’re so excited to announce our latest and greatest coach, Allison Tibbs. Her fitness philosophy is to redefine wellness in a way that makes you your happiest, strongest, most whole self. Not only is she an NASM certified Personal Trainer with pre and post-natal specializations (among many others), she’s well-versed in nutrition and a bestselling author.

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4 Day Program with Coach Pablo
Get ready to become an expert. This program with Coach Pablo focuses on different kinds of deadlifts, with a chance to practice every day. It also features dynamic weight modes in the second half, for an even bigger challenge.


30 Minutes with Coach Allison
According to Coach Allison, functional fitness equips you for any activity. In this workout, you’ll tackle asymmetries in the body, integrating the core in functional ways. Improve mobility and get the most out of strength training. 


15 Minutes with Coach Jared
Coach Jared leads a meditation to help you find self awareness and a sense of perspective. Perfect for a recovery day, when you need to refuel the mind and relax the body. Achieve empowerment, centering, and alignment with your true self.


10 Minutes with Coach Nicolette
Test your skills against Coach Nicolette’s personal ab workout. Originally shared on the Facebook Community, this 100% core routine is back by popular demand. Take this six pack challenge and crush your core––Coach Nicolette’s way!

Head to your trainer to see even more new workouts and programs every week!


When we lift, sometimes it’s hard to tell if we’re standing in the right spot, dropping down low enough, or extending to our full capacity. This is why we are so excited to be launching Form Feedback—a new way to get feedback on your strength training technique.

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Update to Dynamic Weight Modes

You’ll now receive a slightly lower base weight recommendation when you enable chains or eccentric modes to maintain consistent intensity levels for your set. 


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