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  • We teamed up with six-time IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPION Mark Allen to be our triathlon guest coach 
  • Two 4-week training programs to choose from: Triathlon Endurance and Triathlon Power
  • Start strength training on your Tonal July 27th for Triathlon Endurance and August 17th for Triathlon Power

Triathlon training adds focus and structure to everything we already love about swimming, biking, and running. And a huge part of training involves strengthening our whole body to tackle that cardio work with more confidence (and power). We teamed up with six-time IRONMAN World Champion Mark Allen to help you harness that amazing strength so you arrive at race day confident—and your absolute strongest.


Triathlons are not just for the elite—with the right training, anyone can get to that incredible finish line. Coach Mark Allen created these 4-week training programs to level up your performance both during the off- and in-season. Give one or both a try!

Triathlon Endurance – Releasing July 27th 

Off-season training that builds your foundation of power and endurance to carry over into your swim, bike, and run performance.  

Triathlon Power – Releasing August 17th

In-season training to maximize your strength and muscular stamina without overtraining so you arrive on race day your absolute strongest. 


A 6-time IRONMAN World Champion and first-ever ITU Olympic Distance Triathlon World Champion, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Mark Allen as our guest coach for Tonal. Voted Greatest Endurance Athlete Of All Time by ESPN, Mark Allen was raised in Palo Alto, and now lives in Santa Cruz, CA where he works as a personal trainer for aspiring triathletes everywhere.

What’s your coaching style? 

I always focus on balance and sustainability. That means enabling you to keep up your training for not just a few weeks, but for as long as you have the desire to train and compete. It’s much easier to give an athlete training that is too difficult than it is to give training that gets results and is sustainable!

What does Tonal mean for someone focused on gaining strength? 

Tonal is the complete package. It provides guidance and instruction that will bring results. No cluttered dumbbells and no guesswork. Just turn it on and get working out. Those are the two keys to success with strength work: great guidance and ease of getting things done.