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All New Partner Workouts are Here

Work out with a buddy with Tonal's new Partner Workouts feature

We just launched a brand new Beta feature, and we want you to give it a try. This one is so cool that we couldn’t keep it from you any longer.

Drumroll please: you can now work out with a buddy with our new Partner Workouts Beta feature! Working out with a buddy is fun, motivational, and an enjoyable way to get a sweat session in. And now you can do it on Tonal.

What’s a Beta Feature?

Beta features are features we are still testing and looking for feedback on. We’ll continue to improve these features based on the feedback we receive from you! And don’t worry: Beta features are 100% safe to use.

Why Partner Workouts?

Work out with another member of your household without compromising your own stats. When doing a Partner Workout, you’ll log into both of your accounts to keep track of your performance separately.

Partner workouts are easy to do—just follow along with our guided workouts and enjoy chatting and hanging out with your workout buddy the whole time. We’ll prompt each member when they’re up.

Weight automatically adjusts based on the user so there’s no need to guess how much weight each person should lift. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice using different equipment to make a session work for both you and your workout buddy.

How to Set Up a Partner Workout

1. Find the workout you’d like to do with a partner. It can be any workout on Tonal!How to start a Tonal Partner Workout

2. Next to “Start Workout,” tap the buddy icon.

3. Sign in your workout buddy. If they don’t yet have a Tonal account, we’ll prompt them to create one.

4. You’ll start with a dynamic warm up. Then, we’ll automatically choose either you or your workout buddy to go first. Once you or your buddy completes the set, we’ll prompt the next user that it’s their turn.How a Partner Workout on Tonal works

Seeing Your Results After Partner Workouts

You’ll still see a Workout Summary after you and your partner finish the workout. Just tap your name at the top of the screen to toggle back and forth between your results. You’ll also be able to access the Workout Summary from your Partner Workout in the Activity Tab of your Tonal mobile app profile.

Haven’t downloaded our mobile app yet? Download for iOS or Android.

We’ll send a survey within 24 hours of your first Partner Workout so that we can hear what you think. Please keep an eye out and provide feedback, and remember—this feature is still in Beta. We know it’s not perfect yet!