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Tony Horton’s 20 in 20: Ignite Proves You Don’t Need a Ton of Time to Get Fit

Tonal teamed up with the creator of the best-selling P90X workout series to launch a new 20-day program for building strength and fitness in just 20 minutes a day. 

Tony Horton exercising on Tonal

We get it: The struggle to find time to work out is real. But the good news is that you don’t have to spend hours exercising to get fit. Research suggests that even short workouts can have a positive impact on your overall health and fitness

Take, for example, one 12-week study that found a 10-minute workout with just one minute of high-intensity work three times per week is enough to improve cardiovascular health in sedentary people. Other research suggests that strength training for 11 minutes three days a week can help prevent obesity. And a more recent study published in the journal Circulation shows that 12-minutes of exercise can help activate 80 percent of the body’s metabolites, which can benefit weight loss, insulin resistance, vascular reactivity, and longevity while reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. Translation: Even 12 minutes of work can improve your cardiovascular health and metabolism. 

That’s why Tonal teamed up with Tony Horton—fitness celebrity and creator of the P90X® series—to launch several exclusive workouts including his new four-week program 20 in 20: Ignite. This 20-day program consists of five 20-minute workouts per week with two days dedicated to rest or recovery for four weeks.

Here’s the best part: Every Ignite workout is different and targets various muscle groups, so you’ll stay engaged throughout the month and avoid boredom. Each week features a lower body workout and four upper body workouts that alternate between back, chest, arms, shoulders, and core to optimize your recovery time so you can build fitness and total-body strength as efficiently as possible. As the weeks go on, you’ll hit the same muscle groups and add some cardio, but you won’t repeat the same workout twice.

Ignite is the perfect program for those who are short on time but want results. As you progress from one week to the next, you’ll increase the intensity with higher reps and add more challenging movements. Ignite also incorporates Tonal’s dynamic weight modes—Eccentric, Chains, and Smart Flex—throughout the program to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck from every minute of each workout. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of working out side-by-side with a pro. 

Coach Tony’s Ignite program is part of Tonal’s Live (Beta) workout format, during which your coach works out with you — just like an in-person class. Our Live (Beta) workouts combine the feeling of working out alongside a coach with exclusive Tonal features such as personalized digital weight, Form Feedback and dynamic weight modes. These 20-minute sessions will feel like a live workout, but they are all on-demand, so you can work out whenever it fits into your hectic schedule.