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Train Smarter to Play Harder With Tonal’s First Summer Challenge

Join Four-Week Fast Track: Sculpt and Shred to gain confidence and shift your body composition.

Four Week Fast Track: Sculpt and Shred

As it starts to heat up outside, it’s prime time to dial in your fitness routine. Whether your summer goals include showing off your strength playing football on the beach or feeling your best as you soak up the sun, Tonal’s new program Four-Week Fast Track: Sculpt and Shred is designed to help you achieve them. 

The latest installment in the popular Four-Week Fast Track challenge series, Sculpt and Shred kicks off on Monday, June 5, and you can follow along here for tips, motivation, and recipes to fuel your training. 

In this challenge, there are two tracks to choose from: Lower-Body Sculpt and Upper-Body Shred. Both are four-week, intermediate-level programs with four workouts per week. 

Tonal members who join the program will also receive weekly emails with more information. With guidance from Tonal coaches plus nutrition advice, Four-Week Fast Track: Sculpt and Shred offers a 360-degree approach to your summer training.

The Program

In these workouts, you’ll lift heavy and move quickly to build lean muscle and burn fat. This science-backed training strategy shifts your body composition, resulting in a lean look and powerful performance capabilities. By training smarter now, you can play harder later. 
“Body composition is the main goal, which is great for summertime,” says Tonal coach and personal trainer Joe Rodonis. “We’re conditioning the muscle for functionality.”

Tonal Coach Ackeem Emmons working out on Tonal and playing football on the beach.

The workouts are led by five Tonal coaches—Rodonis, Ackeem Emmons, Tim Landicho, Tanysha Renee, and Kendall “Woody” Wood—who bring their own unique, motivational style to every session. “You’re going to hear different philosophies,” says Rodonis. “While we’re all saying the same thing in terms of form, we all have different ways of cueing so there might be something that resonates with you from another coach.” 

Each week includes two strength-focused sessions featuring broad pyramid training schemes, in which reps go from high to low and then back up again, and back-off sets to drive hypertrophy. The other two days each week are dedicated to high-intensity work to torch fat. The calendars below also include recommended mobility and recovery sessions to supplement your program workouts. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different tracks to help you pick which one fits your goals:

Lower-Body Sculpt

Feel the burn in your glutes and legs on this program’s strength days as you sculpt a strong lower body. The HIIT sessions harness the power of German body composition training, alternating between upper- and lower-body exercises to raise your heart rate for a bigger metabolic boost. 

German body composition training keeps the pace up and the intensity high,” says Rodonis. “While you’re losing body fat, you’re maintaining muscle mass.” High-volume sets and short rest periods will get the sweat flowing as you burn calories and build confidence.

Upper-Body Shred 

In this program’s variety-packed strength sessions, you’ll focus on building your arms and chest to carve your frame. Even though the emphasis is on your upper body, you won’t be skipping leg day. The HIIT workouts in this track will include plenty of lower-body training as the muscles of your legs and glutes are metabolically active. Working these muscles in fast-paced sets with minimal rest burns calories to help you shed fat and get ripped.

Rodonis explains that the HIIT workouts on this track incorporate ascending velocity body composition training. In this type of training, you’ll speed up the pace of reps in each exercise as you move through a set to lose fat without compromising muscle. “Listen to the coaching,” he says. “Especially on the HIIT days, the coaching is going to be incredibly important in terms of pacing.”

The Recipes

Nutrition is an essential piece of the body composition puzzle, so the challenge also includes recipes to inspire you in the kitchen and fuel your workouts. Each recipe is packed with protein to power lean muscle growth and full of flavor to keep you satisfied.

Some of these delicious recipes include:

The Community

For more support, join the Official Tonal Community on Facebook to find an accountability buddy or get inspiration and support from your fellow members as you complete the program. 

On June 8, June 13, June 20, and June 27 at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET, one of the Tonal coaches leading the challenge will host a Facebook Live Q&A in the Official Tonal Community to answer all your questions and share advice on how to make the most of the program. 

Prepare to sweat and bring the heat in these all-new workouts so you can enjoy whatever adventures summer has in store for you.