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Nerd Out On Tonal Fitness With These 5 Superset Podcasts

If you want to explore the world of Tonal and nerd out on digital weight, these five Superset podcasts are a great way to get started.

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The Superset is a fan-led podcast all about Tonal. In each episode, Crystal and Tom O’Keefe come together with members, coaches, and guests to bring you the scoop on Tonal. Nerd out on our exclusive features: Strength Score and Smart Flex, take a deep dive into how digital weight makes you stronger, and hear transformative stories from within our community. If you want to explore the world of Tonal, these five Superset podcasts are a great way to get started.

1. Why Digital Weight Makes You Stronger

Digital weight is at the heart of Tonal’s strength training experience. Unlike clunky dumbbells and traditional free weights, digital weight makes it possible to fine-tune the exact resistance at every millimeter and millisecond of a movement. 

In this Superset episode, Crystal and Tom get into the nitty-gritty of digital weight and how it makes you stronger with Quan Bailey, an LA-based personal trainer who went viral after posting a video of himself doing bench press with Tonal’s digital weight. “I saw the store and said, let me go and check this out. I had my girlfriend take a video of me. I can bench press some good weight — 355lbs is my max. They put the resistance on 150lbs, and I could only hit two or three reps. I posted that video to TikTok, and it went viral.”

2. A Data Scientists Discusses Strength Score Secrets 

Did you know that, on average, Tonal members increase their strength by more than 20% in the first 90 days? In this episode, Taylor Stein, one of Tonal’s data scientists, tells you everything there is to know about Strength Score. A feature exclusive to Tonal, Strength Score is a comprehensive system that measures holistic body strength for more than 100 moves.  

3. Tonal Launches Real-Time Workout Data 

Learn how you can take your strength training to the next level with Tonal’s advanced data during Guided, Custom, and Free Lift Workouts.

Crystal and Tom also interview Mariana Flynn as she reflects on how much life has changed after almost a year of working out with Tonal. “Before March of 2020, when LA issued Safer at Home orders, I had never lifted weight. What started as a sanity check quickly became a lifestyle. Tonal has been a lifesaver for my physical and mental health.”

If you are new to strength training and want a sneak peek into how it will benefit you, don’t miss out on this episode.

4. Superset Interviews Michelle Tee

With Tonal, you can take advantage of our expert coach-led workouts and programs or power your favorite strength training workouts with our revolutionary digital weight. Michelle Tee is often wowing our community with her free lifts and creativity on Tonal.

In this episode, Michelle shares how Tonal’s versatility has transformed how she works out. “With Tonal, you can change the intensity of your work, but you can’t do that using a basic cable machine. I’m not necessarily worried about lugging around weights now because all I do is spin the dial on my watch, and I’m onto my next exercise. I’m not walking all the way over there with heavy, old dumbbells.”

5. Tonal Introduces Smart Flex 

When training with dumbbells and traditional static weights, the amount of resistance you can lift for each move is limited by the points where your muscles are weakest. Smart Flex utilizes Tonal’s digital weight system to deliver resistance with precision, down to every millimeter of every rep. Depending on when your muscles are their strongest during a move, Smart Flex intelligently matches your strength by continuously adding or subtracting weight. In this episode, Crystal and Tom share their thoughts on Smart Flex. 

Curious about digital weight? Find a Tonal near you and experience the strength training revolution in-person with a workout and demo.

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