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Product News It’s Finally Here: Build your own Custom Workouts

An iPhone screen shows a user creating their own workout on the Tonal app.

Today, we’re launching a tool that puts even more power into your hands. Say hello to Custom Workouts—the newest way to build your own, unique workouts for Tonal. 

For those of you who like to create your own strength training routine, Custom Workouts provide a fun, efficient way to build workouts that play on your trainer powered by Coach A.I. That means you get Tonal’s weight recommendations, progress tracking, and dynamic weight modes along with your very own, custom workout. And it’s rolling out to your mobile app and trainer within the next twenty-four hours.

It’s our mission to deliver the best workout experience for your fitness goals, and now with Custom Workouts you can build the best unique workout for you. 

Create Your Own Workouts

Whip up your very own, custom Tonal workout in minutes. The new Custom Workouts section in the Tonal mobile app makes it easy to build your perfect sets and blocks from a list of every move on Tonal. Name your workouts, save them, and they’ll automatically appear on your trainer for when you’re ready to workout – complete with real time stats and video demos for every move.  

Ready to get started? Update your Tonal mobile app to the latest version, or download the app for iOS or Android.

Track your progress

Remember that old notebook you used to carry around the gym? Now you’ll never have to waste your energy writing down reps again. Tonal logs all of your custom workout history for you. Just open your mobile app to see all of your completed Custom Workouts and metrics – like weight, number of reps, and strength score over time.

Build Strength, Intelligently

With Custom Workouts, you get all of the benefits of Tonal’s Coach A.I. including personalized weight recommendations, spotter, and dynamic weight modes like Chains or Eccentric. This way you’ll never have to guess your weights or sacrifice the quality of your workout.

Here’s how to build a Custom Workout in minutes 

Here are the step-by-step instructions for building your own Custom Workouts: 

  1. First, make sure you update your Tonal mobile app to the latest version. Or, if you don’t have the app, download it for iOS or Android
  2. Open your Tonal app and tap on the new Custom Workouts icon on the bottom right. The new icon looks like this:
  3. Tap the create button
  4. Name your workout and tap create. If you want, add a description too
  5. Tap the “+” to add movements to the block. (A block is a series of movements with multiple sets). You can select your movements in the following ways:
    • One at a time: Select your movement, select your reps or time, select any dynamic weight modes, and tap Add movement
    • Multi-select: Tap Select in upper right corner, check all the moves you want to add then tap “Add” in the upper right corner. It will add 10 reps / 30 secs by default. Tap on each movement to adjust the reps and time
    • Use the filter to find exactly what you’re looking for: Filter by On/Off Trainer, Body Region, Muscle Group
    • Use the Search field to quickly find a specific movement
  6. To add additional movements or rest, tap the “+” button within the block
  7. Add additional blocks by tapping Add Block at the bottom of the screen
  8. Edit the blocks, reorder them, or change the number of sets for a movement by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner of each block
  9. You can also drag and drop movements in each block by holding and dragging the movement up or down
  10. Save! Tap Save in the upper right corner to save your workout

Once your workouts have been created, you can find them on your trainer by following these steps:

  1. Find your workout on trainer under the new row “Custom Workouts”
  2. If you don’t see it right away, swipe down on the trainer screen to refresh 
  3. To start your workout, simply tap on the workout then tap Start Workout. 
  4. You can also do Custom Workouts with a partner! Just press the Partner Workout icon to the right of the Start Workout button to do your workout with a partner. 
  5. Explore all of the live stats on your Custom Workouts screen while you’re working out. You can view:
    1. Total time
    2. Time under tension
    3. Total reps
    4. Total volume
    5. Set Time Under Tension
    6. Set Volume
    7. A Set Summary will appear after you complete each set. When you’ve completed more than 1 set, you can compare each set summary by tapping Set 1, Set 2, etc. 
  6. When you complete your custom workout you’ll see the workout summary. Tap Done to exit the workout summary. 
  7. Review your custom workout summary any time in the Tonal mobile app. 
  8. Should you wish to make adjustments to your custom workout, you can go back and duplicate or edit workouts in the Tonal mobile app.

Ready to get started? Head to the Tonal mobile app and follow the instructions above. We hope you love this new feature, and we’re excited to see you build workouts while building strength!

Don’t have the app yet? Download it for iOS or Android.