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How Tonal Takes Care of Your Body

Tonal helps you prevent injuries as you build a stronger body and feel confident and supported in every movement.

a woman using theragun on her body

Tonal will help you build a stronger body while feeling confident and supported in every kind of movement, but we also have intelligent features tailor-made for taking care of your body.

When building strength, it’s essential to take care of your body. That means warming up, learning good form, knowing when to rest, and listening to your body. From digital weight and expert coach-led warmups to Smart View and Movement Replacements — here are seven ways Tonal takes care of your body. 

Digital weight 

Unlike bulky weights and gym equipment, Tonal’s digital weight adjusts in one-pound increments, so you don’t have to jump weights based on the next available dumbbell and you build strength gradually and safely and get consistent resistance through the entire movement. As a result of this, digital weight also engages stabilizer muscles which helps you get strong, powerful, and more resistant to injuries. 

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Movement Replacements

Sometimes during a workout, certain moves don’t always feel right. You may be in recovery, exercising with an injury, or your body needs an alternative option. Movement Replacements allow you to adapt moves within a workout to accommodate your body’s needs without compromising results. You’ll choose from alternative options that still give you an effective workout.

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Form Feedback

Good form is essential for preventing injuries, but also for getting stronger too. Tonal’s Form Feedback and Smart View technology provide you with detailed notes in real-time on your strength training. Our sensor technology gives you cues for standing in the right spot, dropping low enough, extending to total capacity, and more — it’s just like having a personal trainer correcting your form.

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Warming up 

It’s important to warm up your muscles before exercising to prepare your body for what’s coming. How often have you started a workout at home only to find an instructor saying make sure you remember to warm up without giving you any proper instruction?   

At the start of every Tonal workout, your coach will take you through a dynamic warmup — typically tied to the muscle groups used during the workout — for a few minutes. Tonal also helps you get ready for Custom and Free Lift workouts with warm-up sets. Prep your body for heavier lifts with 60% of your recommended resistance for as many movements as you like from your Custom or Free Lift workout. 

Pro Tip: If you need a longer warm-up, or find that you do workouts and activities outdoors that require warming up, try Tonal’s expert coach-led warm-ups. These are specific one-off workouts that can be found under the warm-up category.   

Recovery Workouts 

Tonal’s Recovery Workouts are made for rest days or after some intense training. They are an ideal way to get your body moving and feeling mobile without taxing your nervous system. If you’re coming back from an injury or need to take it easy for any reason, these workouts are the best option. 

Tonal’s Recovery workouts include: 

  • Mobility
  • Foam rolling 
  • Stretching
  • Exclusive Theragun percussive massage therapy warmups and cooldowns

Resistance at the touch of a button

Tonal’s Smart Handles allow you to get into a position and turn on the resistance at the touch of a button, which significantly reduces the risk of injury. Smart Handles also track your movements to provide Form Feedback while adapting to your movement — great for anyone new to strength training.

Heart Rate Zones

The heart is arguably our most important muscle. You can use Tonal’s Heart Rate Zones feature to train at the right intensity and boost your heart health. Tracking heart rate zones during a workout can get tricky when you’re trying to do it yourself, but with Tonal’s expert technology, you’ll know exactly which heart rate zone you’re in from the beginning of your workout until the end. 

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