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Building Muscle is the Key to Healthy Aging—and It’s Never Too Late to Start

Strength training is scientifically proven to improve your quality of life as you age.

woman working out on Tonal

It’s natural to lose muscle mass over time, starting as early as age 30. With strength training, though, it’s possible to maintain and even gain muscle as you age, helping you enjoy decades of good health and an active lifestyle. 

Strength training has been shown to improve cognition and joint health, maintain bone density, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer, which can help you live longer independently and have better overall health.

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll want to include strength training in your routine—and how Tonal can help you maximize your results.

Strength for Life 

Research shows that muscle mass decreases approximately 3 to 8 percent per decade after age 30, and the rate of loss accelerates after 60. Losing muscle makes everyday activities, including walking upstairs and getting in and out of a chair more difficult. But resistance training can slow this decline, boost your energy, and help you feel stronger and more capable.  

It’s never too late to start, either. In a 2021 meta-analysis of studies that included over 500 adults ages 65 to 82, resistance training was proven to improve muscular strength and performance. Resistance training has even been shown to significantly increase muscle strength in adults over 80, according to a 2020 meta-analysis.

Train Smarter to Get Stronger

As a sleek, all-in-one home gym, Tonal makes it easier than ever to harness the power of resistance training at home. Here are just some of the reasons why Tonal can set you up for success at any age:

Personalization: Choosing weights at the gym can be confusing. Tonal’s digital resistance offers personalized weight recommendations for every lift. And as you get stronger, the weights will increase—in increments as small as one pound—so you can continue challenging yourself. 

Safety: Tonal’s digital weight turns on and off with the click of a button so you’re not at risk of getting stuck under a heavy barbell. Additionally, Spotter mode has your back and will automatically reduce the resistance if you start to struggle, and with real-time Form Feedback and Smart View form cues, you can feel confident that you’re in the right position for every move. 

Tonal member Arlene Kraushaar working out on Tonal

Progress Tracking: You won’t just feel stronger, you’ll know you’re getting stronger, thanks to Tonal’s Strength Score, an exclusive metric for measuring your strength muscle by muscle. Plus, you’ll see your gains reflected in workout summaries, milestones, and personal records.

Community: Even though Tonal lets you train from the comfort of home, you’re not alone on your journey. Connect with other members of the Official Tonal Community to find motivation and support. Participate in community challenges and hear directly from your coaches.

The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. Individuals with pre-existing health conditions, injuries, or concerns should consult with their healthcare provider before trying a new exercise or nutrition regimen.