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Product News It’s Time to Celebrate Your Strongest Year Yet

This is what 365 days of strength looks like.

a moving gif image that says Tonal 2021 Year in Review

The world is recapping. It’s the time of year when we review songs we listened to, what we watched, and everything we searched. Now, it’s time to see exactly how much stronger you got this year. Let’s celebrate how we came together to build our bodies and our minds. Here is Tonal’s 2021 Year in Review. 

Tonal Members PSA: You can see how much stronger you’ve become with your personal 2021 Year in Review on the Tonal mobile app available on iOS or Android. Tap the share icon on any screen to flex your wins with friends.

We lifted enough to move mountains—and bridges.

a moving gif image that says together we lifted 16 billion pounds alongside an animated bridge

The Tonal community lifted 16 billion pounds this year, which is equivalent to raising monuments. It’s like lifting nine Golden Gate Bridges. For context, the 1.7-mile long San Francisco landmark contains 83,000 tons of steel and the combined weight of the bridge, anchorages, and approach come in at 887,000 tons (1,789,051,257 pounds).

In workout hours, we traveled to Saturn at least a dozen times.

a moving gif image that says together we worked out for 1.7 million hours with animated planets

Even when Saturn is closest to Earth, it’s still 746 million miles away. According to Business Insider, it would take roughly eight years to make the journey with today’s spacecraft technology. In 2021, the Tonal community worked out for 1.7 million hours, equivalent to traveling to and from Saturn 12 times.

We increased power and volume.  

a moving gif image saying our average strengh score increased by 132 points

In 2021, the average increase in Strength Score was 132 points. That means the average member added more than 11 pounds of digital weight to a 10-rep set of goblet squats. And because digital weight feels heavier than traditional weight, those extra pounds really start to increase your power and overall volume.

We bonded with sweat.  

a moving gif image that says 90K hours in group workouts

This year, Tonal members spent 90,000 hours breaking a sweat alongside their loved ones and friends with Family Fitness, Partner Workouts, and Virtual Group Workouts. A study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology found that workout buddies can help you feel motivated, supported, and encouraged to exercise more. And now that Tonal has added Live Workouts, you have yet another way to work out with community members, friends, and family in 2022. 

2021’s Most Popular Programs 

Whether your goals were to get lean, build muscle, or improve fitness, Tonal’s multi-week programs are one of the best ways to crush your goals. These programs rose to the top in 2021. 

an image highlighting three different programs and three men working out

1. 20-In-20: Ignite – The struggle to find time to work out is real. That’s why Tonal teamed up with Tony Horton, creator of the best-selling P90X workout series, to launch a 20-day program that helps you build strength and fitness in just 20 minutes a day. 

2. Go Big or Go Home 2 – After the success of the original Go Big or Go Home program, it won’t come as a surprise that the second installment was among the top three this year. Bigger than the first one, this old-school, advanced bodybuilding program was tailor-made to help you take your strength training to the next level. 

3. Four Weeks to Fat Loss 2 – The challenging sequel to Four Weeks to Fat Loss didn’t faze members. This grueling-but-effective program was the third most popular program, helping many of you transform yourselves into lean machines. 

2021’s Most Popular Strength-Training Exercises 

Tonal has hundreds of strengthtraining exercises in its library for upper-body, lower-body, core, and full-body workouts, but some moves got a little more love than others. For the lower body, it was all about the goblet squats. The bench press was the most popular upper-body move, and when it came to the core, members couldn’t say no to a bit of pushup to plank action.  

an image of a woman doing a goblet squat, another image of a woman doing a bench press, and a man doing a pushup to plank highlighting the top moves of the year

Notable Workout Mentions 

This year, members built more than just muscle. They strengthened their minds and bodies with cardio, high-intensity training, yoga, barre, mobility, recovery, and meditation. Here are the top guided workouts from this year. 

Most Popular Strength Workout

This fierce upper-body challenge helped members target their chest, back, biceps and triceps, the Tony Horton way. 

image of a man working out on tonal with text: coach tony's upper body blaster

Most Popular Cardio Workout

Turns out, 2021 was the year for Tony Horton workouts. Members loved revving their core and shredding all over with this bootcamp-style cardio session. 

image of a man doing a kick with text: coach tony's cardio core crusher

Most Popular High-Intensity Workout

Tonal members proved they love a good challenge, which is why a high-intensity workout that doubles down on crushing the core and boosting metabolism came in at number one. 

image of a woman working out on tonal with text: coach gabby's super abs

Most Popular Yoga Workout

This may be a short flow, but it’s a powerful one that members came back to many times to unlock tension and find mindful breathing.

image of a man doing yoga with text: coach jake's stretch and flow

Most Popular Barre Workout

It had to be the workout that helps strengthen balance, core stability, and endurance without having to get down on the floor. 

image of a woman doing a barre move with text: coach frances' no floor barre

Most Popular Meditation Workout

This beautiful meditation helped members combat fear and shut down negative self-talk, all while helping tapping into their inner power. 

image of a woman meditating with text: coach allison's the light within

Most Popular Mobility Workout

Nothing beats a good stretch, and this juicy mobility workout lengthened and foam-rolled all those hard-working muscles in 2021. 

image of a woman working out on tonal with text: coach nicolette's hips, back and core mobility

Find out how much stronger 2021 made you with an in-depth summary of your personal accomplishments from Tonal on the mobile app on iOS or Android. (For the mobile experience, you will need to have completed at least five Tonal workouts.)

  • Discover how many pounds you lifted
  • Learn who your favorite Tonal coach was
  • See your top workout and most completed movement
  • See how your Strength Score improved this year 
  • Save and share your triumphs with family and friends
image of a phone with a graphic overlay saying: you lifted over 1.2M pounds, the equivalent of lifting an airbus A380