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Celebrate Your Strongest Year Yet

In 2022, the Tonal community lifted billions of pounds in millions of workouts.

Tonal Year in Review 2022

It’s exciting to start looking ahead to the new year and setting big goals for yourself, but you can’t forget to celebrate the gains you’ve already made. As a community, 2022 has been Tonal’s strongest year yet—and that’s all thanks to your hard work.

Tonal members weren’t the only ones hitting the weights this year to crush their goals. According to an analysis by the fitness booking platforms MindBody and ClassPass, strength training was the most popular workout of the year with a 94 percent increase in class reservations from 2021 to 2022.  With Tonal, you’re already one step ahead—getting all the benefits of resistance training classes and guidance from certified coaches without leaving home. 

Check out the impressive stats below to see just how much strength we’ve gained together this year. For your own personal recap, open the Tonal mobile app to find your 2022 Year in Review and share your progress with friends and family.

We Lifted Skyscrapers and Monuments

This year, the Tonal community lifted 54 billion pounds together.

This year, we lifted more than 54 billion pounds — 54,647,040,566 to be exact. To put that in context, that’s the equivalent of nearly 75 Empire State Buildings, 1,006 Statues of Liberty, or 2,454 Eiffel Towers

In case you’re curious, in 2021 our community lifted 16 billion pounds. We’ve more than tripled our total resistance this year, lifting an additional 38 billion pounds.

We Worked Out Long Enough to Travel to Pluto and Back—36 Times

In 2022, the Tonal community completed 12 million workouts together.

The Tonal community completed 12,344,201 workouts this year, exercising for a combined 6,024,703 hours. That’s 251,029 days or nearly 688 years. In that time, we could have traveled from the Earth to Pluto and back 36 times. That’s a round-trip journey of 6,596,200,000 miles. (It took NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft 9.5 years to reach the dwarf planet from 2006-2015.)
If you’d rather stay local, you could also fly around the Earth in a commercial jet roughly 118,131 times. (One trip would take around 51 hours.) This year, we’re lightyears ahead of the 1.7 million hours spent working out in 2021.

We Got A Lot Stronger

The average increase in strength score among Tonal members in 202 was 144 points.

Considering all the pounds we lifted and hours we spent sweating it out on Tonal, it’s not surprising that individual community members also gained serious strength in 2022. That means the average member added more than 12 pounds of digital weight to a 10-rep set of goblet squats. The average increase in strength score was a whopping 144 points—beating last year’s average of a 132-point increase.

This year, Tonal members spent 90,000 hours breaking a sweat alongside their loved ones and friends with Family Fitness, Partner Workouts, and Virtual Group Workouts. A study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology found that workout buddies can help you feel motivated, supported, and encouraged to exercise more. And now that Tonal has added Live Workouts, you have yet another way to work out with community members, friends, and family in 2022. 

The Most Popular Program of 2022

20-in-20: Ignite – Coach Tony Horton

For the second year in a row, Tonal coach Tony Horton takes the top spot with his 20-in-20: Ignite program. Members love how these quick workouts make it easy to build strength and fitness in just 20 minutes per day. 

View Your Personal Recap

To see how you contributed to our community’s amazing achievements in 2022, log on to the Tonal mobile app for an in-depth summary of your own year on Tonal. (You’ll need to have completed at least five Tonal workouts this year to see your recap). Share your personal stats in the Official Tonal Community or on social media and tag Tonal so we can celebrate your success.  

Here’s what you’ll be able to see in the app:

  • How many pounds you’ve lifted
  • How much time you spent working out
  • Your highest-volume workout
  • The move you performed the most
  • How much your Strength Score has improved

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