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How to Train with Heart Rate Zones on Tonal

Get more data about your heart rate with this Tonal feature.

black screen with a colourful graph showing different heart rate zones with a the following text: Check your heart rate zone on-screen in real time, and analyze your results when your workout is complete.
  • Tonal’s Heart Rate Zones feature gives you more data about your heart rate so you can effectively burn more calories and lift with more intensity during a workout. 
  • Watch real-time heart rate zones on your Tonal screen to perform at the optimal intensity in every workout. 
  • Discover how much time you spend in each heart rate zone after every workout to learn more about how you’re training. 

Monitoring your heart rate during a workout can be very helpful, but it can be just another number without any real context. Tonal’s heart rate zone feature changes that and helps you get even more efficiency out of every workout — because knowledge is strength. 

Heart rate zones are a great way to measure how hard you’re training during a workout. Depending on your goals — from building strength to getting lean to performance — you can target different intensities to get the most out of your physical activity. 

Tracking heart rate during a workout can get tricky when you’re trying to do it yourself, but with Tonal’s expert technology, you’ll know exactly which heart rate zone you’re in from the beginning of your workout until the end. On Tonal, you can see your current zone in real-time, enabling you to take your training to the next level. 

How Heart Rate Zones Work on Tonal

You can track your current heart rate zones either on Tonal or with an Apple Watch during your workout. To do so, pair your Bluetooth heart rate monitor or Apple Watch by swiping down from the top of the trainer and selecting the Bluetooth icon in the Settings menu. Once you’ve paired your device, you’ll see your heart rate number on the top left corner of your screen. The color of the heart icon will indicate the zone.

graphic screenshot of a Tonal workout screen showing the UI of a heart rate zones

After you train, review the Workout Summary (available on your Tonal or in our mobile app) to see which zones you hit. Having this insight will help you understand where you may need to push harder.

graphic screenshot of a Tonal workout screen with a graph that shows the person working out which heart rate zones they landed in

How to Use Heart Rate Zones While Training

We all have a resting and max heart rate. Your heart rate is pushed into different zones depending on your training intensity and fitness levels while working out. There are five heart rate zones, and ideally, your weekly training schedule should include workouts in all of them. 

Here’s a breakdown of what each intensity zone should feel like:

ZonesIntensityPercentage of HRmax
OneLow intensity (very light)50-60%
TwoLight to moderate 60-70%
ThreeAerobic (moderate) 70-80%
FourAnaerobic (hard) 80-90%
FiveMaximum 90-100%

There are benefits to working out in each zone. 

  • Zone One: Training in this zone helps you recover and preps your body for more intense workout periods. 
  • Zone Two: Working out in this zone helps your body to build a foundation for endurance, while improving heart health and muscular fitness. 
  • Zone Three: Working out in this zone improves muscle strength and increases the body’s capacity for sustained aerobic exercise.
  • Zone Four: Working out at this hard intensity with intervals is excellent for challenging fitness levels. 
  • Zone Five: Working out in this zone is your max effort and not sustainable for more than short bursts of time. This zone helps develop fast-twitch muscle fibers in response to short burst efforts. It’s not advisable for beginners to reach this heart rate zone, but it can be beneficial for athletes who do interval training. 

It’s important to remember the heart is a muscle too, and arguably the most important one of all. When working out, the heart is a great indicator for improving your training and challenging yourself. Beyond that, understanding how to condition your heart with Tonal’s Heart Rate Zones feature will lead to better overall health, fitness, and performance, and will make you stronger.

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