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Tonal Strength Institute Introduces Research Grant Opportunities

Grant applications are now open to fund up to $150,000 in innovative research projects targeted to human performance.

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The mission of the Tonal Strength Institute (TSI) is to forge the future of fitness and become the authority in human performance research, data analysis, and functional expertise. Our research program is dedicated to conducting cutting-edge human movement science, and this can only be accomplished through the help of high-quality external research partnerships. 

That’s why Tonal is introducing grant opportunities at various funding levels for the first time in 2022. The TSI encourages innovative and high-impact research initiatives that explore how Tonal can help everyone be their strongest.

The Tonal Strength Institute will target funding specifically to projects that meet TSI objectives and have the potential to kickstart lasting research partnerships with Tonal. TSI will award up to $150,000 total via three to six grants valued at up to $50,000 each. Additionally, all awarded grants will receive a Tonal trainer and Tonal membership for one year.

Research Topics of Interests: Preference will be given to applications that align with Tonal Strength Institute's central themes Strength and Body Composition: Examining the effects of using Tonal on muscle hypertrophy, body composition, strength performance, and corresponding health benefits.
Interventions and Programs: Using Tonal as a modality or Tonal Programs within intervention studies and examining the effects on various objective and subjective outcomes in general and targeted populations.
Quantified Self: Using Tonal as a health and performance self-monitoring device, where technology and data analytics are incorporated into daily life choices, and examining the effects on physical, mental and/or emotional well-being.
Important Dates
Call for Applications:January 18, 2022
Application Deadline:February 28, 2022
Notice of Decision:March 14, 2022*
Earliest Funding Start Date:March 15, 2022
Project Completion Date:September 30, 2022
*Subject to change

To apply, please review the guidelines and submit your information below.

All questions can be directed to: 

Lauren Benson, PhD
Senior Manager, Research

About Tonal

Tonal is a connected fitness device that supports resistance training up to 200 pounds across hundreds of upper-body, lower-body, and total-body exercises. Tonal’s intelligent system uses real-time Form Feedback and dynamic weight modes such as Eccentric, which can add up to 60 percent more weight during the eccentric phase of an exercise; Smart Flex, an adaptive resistance system that adjusts in real-time to meet your strength during each phase of the exercise; and Chains, which simulates real-life chains to increase power through the concentric phase without the limitation of plane of motion. Learn more here.