Intelligence Meet your new coach and personal trainer.

Get your best workouts without the guesswork. Tonal learns from your body and adapts guidance in real-time, so you can see results faster and feel stronger.

Your Ultimate workout partner.

Select a workout and let Tonal do the rest. Whether you are looking to build muscle or lose weight, there is a program to get you there. Choose from hundreds of guided workouts—or create your own—and let Tonal take care of the rest.

Strength Assessment

Take Tonal's strength assessment when you create your account and Tonal will choose your weight for you from that point forward.

Dynamic Resistance

Tonal automatically adjusts your weights in real-time—from curls to lunges—so you don’t have to.

Real-time Tracking

Celebrate every milestone and watch your strength build with progress reports and workout summaries.

Personalized Guidance
Expert instruction for better results

Whether you are a strength pro or fitness novice, Tonal coaches provide on-screen instruction for every move and program. That means more effective workouts for lasting results.

Mobile Tracking
See your results

With the Tonal app you can track your progress day over day and week over week to see how you’re progressing over time, discover just-released programs, and meet new coaches—wherever you are.

Built-In Spotter
Never lift alone again

Confidently go for the big weight without needing another pair of hands. When Tonal senses you’re struggling, it reduces the weight so you can finish your set and get a more complete workout every time.

Form feedback
coaching as you go

The best results come when your form is on point. With Form Feedback, Tonal uses up to 17 sensors to provide you real-time guidance on range of motion, position, and pace so you always lift your strongest.

Advanced Weight Modes

Normally reserved for professional weight lifters, advanced weight modes like Chains, Eccentric, and Burnout unlock new ways of challenging your muscles and new ways of feeling sore the next day.

The right workout for your body.

Explore our growing library of coach-led workouts that all have one goal—to help you become your strongest.

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