Intelligence The Smartest Home Gym, Ever

Tonal gets smarter as you get stronger. Other smart gyms can’t do that. Only Tonal can.

Suggested Weights

Tonal Knows How Strong You Really Are

It Sets Your Weights For You

No more guessing what weight is best. Tonal learns how much weight you can lift with a full-body Strength Assessment and then sets the perfect weights for where you are right now.

It increases weight as you get stronger

Tonal sets your weights for every move and every workout, then automatically increases the weight exactly when you can handle it. The result? No more wasted workouts.

Spotter Mode

Spotter powers you to lift with confidence

Lift Heavy With Confidence

Spotter monitors your workout, detecting signs of struggle or fatigue. It automatically decreases weight at any point in your lift, so you can push harder, safely, and finish your set strong.

Dynamic Weight Modes

The only smart gym that adapts weight as you lift

Form Guidance

More precise cues than a live personal trainer

Range of Motion

Tonal uses up to 17 sensors to provide real-time guidance on your form and technique. lt jumps in when you’re not maximizing your range of motion, giving clear guidance on where and how far to get the most out of every move.


Tonal analyzes where and how you’re positioned and cues you to the right spot to ensure you effectively target the right muscles (and prevent injury).


Tonal tells you when to slow it down or speed it up, all stated in the easiest possible way so you maximize time under tension for muscle-building performance.

  • Suggested Weights
  • Spotter Mode
  • Dynamic Weight Modes
  • Form Guidance