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Get Fit on Your Schedule With New Live Workout Times

Tonal’s New York City-based coaches will motivate you and push your limits.

Tonal's five new coaches: Kristina Centenari, Tanysha Renee, Joe Rodonis, Ash Wilking, and Tim Landicho, and Coach Kendall "Woody" Wood.

If you love live workouts but can’t always find one that fits into your busy day, get ready for some good news.

Tonal is opening its New York City studio where a new group of expert coaches will lead live workouts starting Wednesday, June 22.  That means you now get access to 16 live classes Monday through Friday to help you be your strongest—on your own schedule. There’s more flexibility than ever before, including live morning workouts for early birds, plus encores in the evening. 

Live workouts bring the energy and support of in-person classes into your home as you build your strength in real-time alongside a Tonal coach and other community members. In addition to live classes, Tonal’s newest coaches will be creating more content to challenge you with new strength and HIIT workouts. They’re joined by veteran coach Kendall “Woody” Wood, who will now be leading her lively, upbeat classes from Tonal’s New York studio.

Plan Your Weekly Workouts 

Check out the current live class schedule:

Tonal live workout schedule

Meet Your 5 New York City Coaches

The NYC-based coaches each have their own personality and teaching style. Get to know a little more about them below. Whether you prefer a tough love style or thrive on uplifting mantras, you’ll definitely find a coach whose vibe resonates with you. 

Ash Wilking

Coach Ash Wilking

A marathon runner, triathlete, and second-degree black belt in taekwondo, Coach Ash knows what it takes to get results. She’ll make you feel welcome with her electric energy. Read more about Ash’s fighting spirit.

Joe Rodonis

Coach Joe Rodonis

Coach Joe believes in the power of determination and accountability. He’ll show you how to tap into your inner athlete with his deep knowledge of form and the science of strength training. Read more about Joe’s tireless work ethic.

Tanysha Renee

Coach Tanysha Renee

Brooklyn-born runner Coach Tanysha Renee is full of mantras that’ll inspire you to dig deep and achieve your goals. Her workouts are tough, but always inclusive. Read more about Tanysha Renee’s passion for creating community.

Tim Landicho

Coach Tim Landicho

Warm and inviting, Coach Tim is ready to meet you where you are and help you unlock your potential. He’s a nutrition coach and dance enthusiast who thinks fitness should be fun. Read more about Tim’s philosophy of self-acceptance.

Kristina Centenari

Coach Kristina Centenari

Coach Kristina will teach you how to move like an athlete while harnessing your mental strength. With a background in collegiate sports and Ironman competitions, she’s learned the value of conditioning and recovery. Read more about how Kristina’s history of injuries have only made her stronger.

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