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High-Energy Coach Kendall Wood Will Help You Commit to Your Fitness Journey

a woman working out on tonal

Kendall Wood, a.k.a. Coach Woody says motivation can sometimes be like an unreliable and flaky friend, so it helps to have intentions and goals, too. “When I have a clear direction, I set my mind to it,” she says. “I make a plan and set myself up for success.” That way, she’s the only one who can stand in her way, she adds. “I am constantly checking in with myself. When I make those check-ins more deliberate, I can hold myself accountable for all that I set out to do.” 

Originally from the east coast, Coach Woody moved to Los Angeles in 2015, and that’s where her fitness journey began. “I worked in digital media until 2016. My move to LA opened my eyes to the possibility of a career in the fitness industry, and I took the leap. It was a challenging transition that changed my life in more ways than one,” she adds. 

Coach Woody says she is inspired by anyone who begins their fitness journey and does not give up. “Fitness is unique in that it is a lifelong project. There may be an identifiable starting point, but there is no end. Putting in the work, maintaining the drive, finding the dedication and persistence to always make yourself a top priority is so admirable.” 

A certified personal trainer, Coach Woody explains that while each chapter of her fitness journey has been pivotal to her development as a person and coach, she came into her own when she joined Rumble Boxing. “I developed my persona, confidence, network, and knowledge.” she says. “I am so proud to be a Tonal coach at a point in my career when [I am] at my peak but also continually learning and growing as a trainer and leader.”

Coach Woody is bringing you three spicy strength-based workouts on Tonal. 

  • Movement Basics: If you’re just getting started with strength training, this workout will walk you through the essential movements to help you get to know your body better and feel more confident lifting weight. 
  • Keep it Coming Crusher: If you love a workout that moves you from start to finish, this high-intensity, full-body session is made for you. 
  • Bis and Tris: This quick 15-minute burner targeting your biceps and triceps with the added bonus of working your core is the perfect upper body workout for a busy day.  

Here, get to know Coach Woody a little better in her own words. 

Coaching Style: All-inclusive and high-energy. “I bring a lot of energy and fun to workouts that are inherently challenging but palatable to all athletes.”

Morning Routine: “Hit snooze at least once. Hop out of bed and walk the dogs. The morning walk is always the shortest one of the day because I’m sleepwalking. Make oatmeal with banana, vanilla extract, cashew butter, and blueberries, and get cozy on the couch with my cup of coffee. Touch base with my family and see how their day is going. Make the bed and get ready for the day.”

Benefits of Strength Training: “Strength training makes me more capable in all aspects of my life. I love being active in my lifestyle, constantly on the go and traveling, and strength training supports that.”

Workout Takeaway: “I think the Tonal community will appreciate my approach to coaching. My biggest priority as a coach is always the community experience.”