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Powered by Tonal: Selina Sun’s Inside Out Journey

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Selina Sun is a busy bee. She works full-time, studies part-time, and when she’s not doing all of that, she’s focusing on her passion for singing and spending time with loved ones and her community. However, the stress from working full-time and school affected Selina more than she realized. The struggle to find a balance between the two and her own needs impacted Selina physically and emotionally. 

Although she came to Tonal to get lean and healthy again, Selina’s journey over this past year-and-a-half took her elsewhere. What began as a way for Selina to feel better on the outside became a way to feel her best on the inside. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in San Francisco and still live here. When I’m not working or training with Tonal, I focus on my first passion: music and singing. I have produced my own album and currently sing with a small a cappella group in the Bay Area and write songs when possible. I also spend a lot of time with family at home and friends (virtually now because of the pandemic). It’s super important to me that I make time to build, foster and maintain my community. 

Other than that, I’m working on finishing my MBA at night and will be graduating very soon! I am very excited to finish my degree and have some free time to catch up with the Tonal book club — Read Between the Reps. I am so behind on the amazing books they’ve been reading.

Tonal has changed the way I approach life. I have more balance between doing what I must for work and school and prioritizing what I need for myself.

Tell us about how you came across Tonal and why you decided to buy one?  

I came across Tonal last year while trying to replace my gym routine during the pandemic. At the start of 2020, I had set an intention to get back into shape — the stress of a full-time job and going to school part-time affected me more than I realized. I had gained quite a bit of weight to the point where I was struggling physically and emotionally with my self-esteem. 

During the lockdown, I worked out consistently at home with various online apps, which was great, but I missed lifting heavy. I wanted to find something that would help me stay consistent but give me the flexibility and convenience needed for my busy schedule. 

My friend sent me the link for Tonal, and after looking at it, I had to try it! It seemed like the perfect way for me to replace my gym routine at home. 

I really appreciated the 30-day trial because I was excited but also skeptical at first. I did one workout, and thought yeah, this thing is staying here forever! Seven months later, it’s still one of the best decisions I’ve made. 

What was the first day like with Tonal?

The first day was like Christmas but in September! I was so excited and pretty sure everyone was tired of hearing me say my Tonal is almost here. I did the first strength assessment test as soon as it was installed and was utterly amazed.

two images on a young woman side by side, one is from October 2019, and the second is from April 2021

Tell us about where you were at the start of your journey and where are you now?

When I first started, my Strength Score was 289, and now it’s 614. I didn’t realize how much further I could go until after using Tonal.

As mentioned, at the start of 2020, I was struggling and had gained significant weight from stress. It was a low point for me, and I was determined to turn it around. 

After I got Tonal, it took me a few weeks to get into it, but the more I used Tonal and engaged with the community, the more I gravitated towards a different fitness mindset. I focused on strength and began branching out with yoga and mobility, and discovered the importance of recovery workouts and meditation. 

I went from wanting to lose weight to look physically different to wanting to feel better internally. My journey went from outside in to inside out. Sure, I’ve lost almost 30 pounds, but what’s more impressive is I’ve transformed into the best possible version of myself.

Incorporating different aspects of what Tonal offers has empowered me to take control of my self-care, made me stronger, and feel better holistically. My family and friends have also noticed that I am more confident and happier.

Friends tell me my consistent Tonal workouts have inspired them. In someway, it makes me feel like I’m helping them on their journey too, and that’s a great feeling.

How has being stronger impacted different areas of your life?

Being stronger has definitely given me confidence. It has made me realize how resilient I am and that I can solve any problem by using all the tools available to me. That’s something you can take and apply to any situation.

What obstacles did you face on your journey, and how did Tonal help you overcome them?

One of the biggest obstacles I always seem to face is sticking with something. I’ve tried to get back into shape many times, but life has always thrown a curveball that takes me off course. Tonal has helped me stay the course, and the community has had a considerable impact as well. I do the group monthly challenges with my buddy Tram and the Saturday Virtual Group Workouts. Normally I would have made excuses on a Saturday, but they motivate me to show up. 

When I first bought Tonal, I didn’t know about the community at all, but it is probably one of the best off-Tonal features — like there’s a whole community behind me.

I haven’t met my Tonal friends in person, but we are all cheering one another, and it’s the best feeling to have positive people who just want to be supportive of you. I’m constantly inspired by Tonal’s community members and in awe of everyone who keeps working towards their goals. It has helped me continue towards mine.

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What is the biggest unexpected benefit you’ve received from having Tonal in your home?

How much I use it! On a typical day, I’ll start with yoga, and then I’ll either do a warmup or dive right into my workout for the day. If I’m feeling really fired up or the workout is a little shorter, I’ll do some core or Tonal High Intensity. I end each day with a meditation from Coach Jared or Coach Allison. It seems like a lot, but when I prioritize my health, it helps me be at 100% for the people I need to support in my life.

The programming on Tonal is also important. At first, I didn’t think I would use it as much as I do. Tonal’s monthly coach challenges are fantastic, and I’ve done them consistently since they started in November. It’s kind of incredible to work out with your coach on Tonal and then interact with them on Zoom or social media and show our appreciation — because they really do impact our lives every day even if they don’t know or see it. 

What’s the one piece of advice or the biggest lesson you’ve learned during your transformation that you want to share with the rest of the community?

I came into Tonal wanting to lose weight, and I’ve come out learning so much about myself and what I’m capable of because I didn’t close any door. Every coach has taught me something different.

From Coach Natalie helping me love myself and my body for who I am to Nicolette showing me to be the most badass version of myself. Jared showed me how to slow down and listen to my body, and Frances taught me why yoga is so important as an all-encompassing practice. 

I also have to give a special shout-out to Venus because her mobility workouts have changed my life! I can do moves that I never thought I’d be able to. Jackson has put me on a path to give good names to my biceps, Allison makes me want to do glute work every day, and Gabby and Pablo make me feel like I can walk into any boxing ring and knock it out. Coach Paul always challenges me to be my best athlete self. Coach Liz encourages me to stay curious and meet myself where I am. She’s right. If you keep your heart and mind open, the sky’s the limit. 

What does being your strongest mean to you?

Being my strongest means being strong on the inside and the outside so I can show up for my loved ones and my community as my best self to be the best for them. 

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