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LeBron James Unlocks a New Level of Strength and Efficiency With Tonal

Here’s why the four-time champion relies on the smartest home gym for fast and effective training. 

LeBron James standing in front of Tonal to demonstrate his new partnership

You may have more in common with LeBron James than you think. Like many of us juggling busy lives, the legendary basketball player has a lot going on and no time to waste, especially when it comes to working out

“You know, I have three kids. That takes a lot of my time. So when it comes to training, I want to get my work done,” James said. ”I want to get the most out of it, and I want to be very efficient.”  

James, who recently joined Tonal as a brand partner and investor, sat down for an interview and explained how Tonal gives him exactly that kind of workout productivity. 

“The efficiency of Tonal is second to none when it comes to strength training,” he said. “[It’s] easy in a sense that everything is literally right there. You don’t have to move all across the room to different machines or racking weights—everything is literally right in front of you at an arm’s length.”

Beyond the ease of use, James noted the compact size and robust workout offerings as unique qualities that set Tonal apart. “You don’t need a lot of space to get what you need out of a workout,” he said. “You can literally find a wall in your house, find a wall in your garage, find a wall in your room…and get the same workout as you would get in a full gym.”

Describing the partnership as a “perfect mesh,” James went on to add how “happy he is to be part of the team.” He now joins a growing list of more than 30 elite athlete investors and brand ambassadors who turn to Tonal to support their training, including Serena Williams, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Tony Gonzalez, Drew Brees, Maria Sharapova, Michelle Wie, Paul George, Sue Bird, Larry Fitzgerald, and Bobby Wagner.

James shared that as a professional athlete, his strength training has evolved over the years to reflect what he needs to play at a high level. “I’ve trained a lot throughout the course of my career and life, and I’ve used a lot of different machines and different methods.” Praising Tonal’s technology as “incredible,” he added that the home gym “definitely sits right at the top” when compared to other options. “For a guy who is all about time and all about efficiency, it fits right in there with me.”

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