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Dance Your Heart Out With Tonal

Tonal has partnered with 305 Fitness to bring you high-intensity dance cardio workouts.

  • Introducing dance cardio workouts — a whole new way to get moving and get strong with Tonal
  • We’ve partnered with 305 Fitness to bring you high-intensity cardio fused with choreographed moves and upbeat music
  • This is a fun workout designed for all levels and anyone who loves to dance it out

Turns out you don’t need a club to tear it up: we just launched dance cardio with 305 Fitness on Tonal. There’s nothing like the endorphins you get from tearing it up on the dance floor to a song you love. Now you can get that same effect from your workouts. Build muscle and get strong as you workout with dance moves choreographed to the beat. 

We’re releasing this as a Beta series, which means we’re looking for feedback from the Tonal community to improve future dance cardio workouts. Just head to your trainer, and look for the Dance Cardio: Beta row on your home screen. 

Your feedback is important to us, and we’d love to hear your thoughts in the post-workout survey or in the Official Tonal Community.

5 Reasons to Try Dance Cardio

Dance cardio is the perfect combination of endurance, strength, stamina, and coordination, and if that weren’t enough reason to get moving, here are five more reasons to incorporate this type of workout into your routine. 

  1. This energetic workout is a fun way to get in your cardio 
  2. Choreographed moves improve your balance and coordination
  3. Tonal’s dance cardio workouts are created with moves that tone your muscles and upbeat music that gets your heart pumping 
  4. These fun routines give you a full-body workout and torch calories
  5. Everyone from beginners to experienced dancers can follow along with Tonal’s dance cardio workouts 

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