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GBC 30 Unleashes the Power of German Body Composition Training

Here’s what to expect in this new live class and how it will help you get the results you want. 

Coach Tanysha Renee doing a sumo deadlift and Coach Ackeem Emmons doing a hammer curl.

When you’re strapped for time, every second of your workout needs to count. German body composition (GBC) training, with its full-body focus and minimal rest periods, lets you squeeze the most out of every session. Experience the body-sculpting efficiency of German body composition training in just 30 minutes with Tonal’s newest live workout, GBC 30.

Launching on Monday July 1, GBC 30 will be live on Tonal every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30 a.m. ET/5:30 a.m. PT. Here’s what to expect in this new class and how it can help you get the results you want. 

What is German Body Composition Training?

German body composition training has been popular in fitness circles for decades because it achieves two, seemingly competing, goals at once: burning fat and building muscle. By combining these two outcomes, GBC training promotes shifting body composition toward a leaner physique and saves time. 

To fire up your metabolism while promoting hypertrophy, or lean muscle growth, German body composition training involves alternating between upper- and lower-body or pushing and pulling exercises, minimizing rest time, and working in a moderate rep range, according to Jenna Moore, Tonal’s Lead Programming Specialist.

By rapidly moving between major muscle groups in supersets, Moore explains, your body is forced to quickly shuttle blood back and forth which triggers a metabolic response. “The metabolic effect of this type of training is great for stimulating fat loss while maintaining—or even gaining—muscle mass.” 

German body composition isn’t easy—the heavy lifting will challenge your muscles and the fast pace will get your heart pumping—but it’s this high-intensity resistance style that makes these workouts so effective and efficient. Instead of spending hours lifting or sweating it out with steady-state cardio, you can get the benefits of both in one targeted workout. 

“When we utilize strength training as a modality for weight loss, it can be as effective as—if not more effective than—what people think of as traditional programs for weight loss,” says Moore. 

What is GBC 30?

GBC 30 packs all the elements of German body composition training into a 30-minute full-body workout so you can burn fat and build muscle without wasting time. You’ll also enjoy the social interactions and shout-outs that Tonal members know and love in live workouts. Join GBC 30 three times per week for a well-rounded fitness program—or hop into a class whenever you want a dose of sweaty, fast-paced lifting.

Any single GBC 30 class will give you a full-body pump with a metabolic boost, but if you choose to do the workouts on a regular basis, you’ll get the added bonus of following along with a periodization program that breaks down your training into three month-long phases, each with its own distinct purpose. Stacking these phases helps you avoid plateaus by mixing up your training focus while helping you continuously work toward your goals. “You’re going to see great results because there’s a lot of method behind the madness,” says Moore. 

The first three months of GBC 30 will alternate between accumulation and intensification phases. 

Month 1:

Focus on accumulation, or driving hypertrophy through volume. These workouts feature supersets and giant sets with high reps and short rest periods to get you breathless while racking up the volume. 

Month 2:

Switch to an intensification, or strength, focus with heavier lifts, lower reps, and slightly more rest. You’ll still get the metabolic stimulus for fat loss in this stage with dynamic off-Tonal moves. 

Month 3:

Return to accumulation and likely surprise yourself by how much more you can lift after four weeks of building strength.

“It leads you into that realm of progressive overload, but still works as a one-off workout,” says Moore, adding that varying the workout structure and exercise selection allows you to keep making progress without having to keep adding time to your sessions. No matter what phase of training you’re in, GBC 30 workouts will always be 30 minutes long so you can get stronger and leaner without sacrificing your time. 

Is GBC 30 Right For You?

Anyone looking to shift their body composition by building lean muscle and burning fat will enjoy the benefits of GBC 30. While these workouts are classified as intermediate-level on Tonal, they’re also suitable for beginner and advanced members since the duration-based sets allow you to work at your own place. 

“It’s adaptable for everybody and anybody,” says Moore. The goal of each workout is to do as much work as you can in 30 minutes. If you’re new to lifting, you might get in fewer reps than someone with more experience, but you’ll still be challenging yourself at the appropriate level. Advanced lifters can get in even more reps and further push their limits. 

The three-month progression of GBC 30 makes it ideal for anyone looking to make consistent progress over time, while still being flexible enough for those who prefer doing just the occasional live workout.

Finally, as live workouts, GBC 30 sessions capture the energy and camaraderie of in-person boutique fitness classes. The coaches will be there to give you shout-outs for reaching milestones, and you’ll have the opportunity to cheer on your fellow members as they power through these workouts. German body composition training is meant to be challenging, but the motivation of working out with a community will give you the energy to go all-out and earn the burn.