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9 Workouts to Help Lift Winter Blues

Exercise is a proven mood-booster. From yoga and meditation to barre and high-intensity, discover nine workouts to lift winter blues.

If you struggle with winter blues, you’re not alone. The colder weather and reduced daylight really can affect our moods. Research studies show that shorter daylight hours have a significant impact on our brain’s biological clock, leading to a decrease in levels of serotonin (a chemical that plays a role in mood) and melatonin (a chemical that plays a role in sleep patterns and mood). The good news is that exercise is a scientifically-proven way to lift winter blues.

There’s an abundance of data that shows the benefits of movement on mental health — it can help to reduce anxiety, depression, combat negative moods, and even alleviate symptoms of low self-esteem. Regular exercise can also boost serotonin levels in your brain, helping to lift our mood and well-being. With that said, here are 9 Tonal workouts to ease winter blues.

Yoga and Meditation

In a recently published Time magazine article, Dr. Norman Rosenthal — a clinical professor of psychology who led the team that first described Seasonal Affective Disorder in 1984 — encouraged the practice of yoga and meditation as a way to combat seasonal blues and help deal with everything going on in the world. 

1. Calm Mobility: Recovery Yoga isn’t just about rest. It’s a way to prime the muscles by increasing their range of motion. Find flexibility and mobility while calming the body through breath. 

2. Blissful Tranquility: Stop, stretch, and reconnect with your body. This Recovery Yoga flow features hip openers, forward folds, and plenty of mindfulness. Surrender to the stillness within.

3. Envision Your Goals: This brief meditation offers a quiet space for self-exploration to bring focus, intention, and clarity to your future. 

4. Your Best Self: Quiet your mind and explore the beliefs and habits which no longer serve you. Deepen your vision, expand your mind, and embrace new possibilities.


If you’re looking for a gentle burn that will boost your mood, try these barre workouts. Inspired by yoga, ballet, and Pilates, barre will strengthen your mind and body and help you feel more energized during the winter months.  

5. Barre Blast: This cardio-heavy barre sequence is programmed to hit your entire body in all planes of motion. Improve strength, balance, flexibility, and mobility.

6. Barre Sweat And Sculpt: This full-body workout focuses on strengthening your core while toning your arms, legs, and glutes. The isometrics in this quick barre blast will improve posture, strength, flexibility, and cardio fitness. 

High Intensity 

Sometimes a strong dose of endorphins is all it takes to bring back more energy back into our routines. According to Psychology Today, aerobic exercise is a great way to boost good-mood chemicals quickly. New research suggests that high-intensity workouts are one of the best aerobic options. 

7. Be Present, Be Strong: This arm and core workout boosts energy and will make you sweat. Ignite your upper body while Coach Jared illustrates the power of breath and staying in the present. 

8. Mental Strength: Develop a champion’s mindset by elevating your inner dialogue. Coach Jared will help you coach yourself through this challenging, fast-moving lower body workout. Sweat it out and set your intention.

9. The Power Of Yes: Own your workout and choose to succeed. This upper body routine incorporates a bit of core work along with pushing and pulling on Tonal. Sweat it out with Coach Gabby as she helps you master positive inner dialogue. 

Editor’s Note: This content is not intended as a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you are struggling with mental health, in crisis, or feel you may have an emergency, please seek help immediately by calling your doctor or 911.

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