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7 Reasons to Love Membership (According to the Official Tonal Community)

Real Tonal members share their favorite membership features.

a man working on tonal doing an arm row with one knee on a bench

There are lots of reasons to love Tonal’s membership. One membership unlocks expert coaching, unlimited accounts for the entire family, A.I. personalization, and hundreds of Tonal programs and workouts. We asked the Official Tonal Community to share what they find most valuable about Tonal’s membership.

1. Personalized Accounts and Progress Tracking

a gif of graphs showing strength for different parts of the body

Amanda Winterer loves Tonal’s membership for the A.I. “I wouldn’t push myself the same if I adjusted the weights myself. I’m 50% stronger in four months. That did not happen when I paid a personal trainer in 2019.” 

Tonal’s A.I. makes for an unparalleled strength training and workout experience. You’ll reap the benefits of working out with personalized digital weight recommendations and features only on Tonal that help you get stronger, faster — for example, dynamic weight modes and Form Feedback. Thanks to unlimited accounts for the whole family, each person has their own strength assessment, weight recommendations, and progress tracking. 

I am a busy working mom, and Tonal helps keep me accountable with progress tracking and data.

Emily Demarest

2. Variety

Douglas Goforth says that as a member, there is always something to look forward to. “Tonal keeps the member experience fresh — I’m always excited to see what comes next, and there’s no chance of getting bored because Tonal continues to roll out new features.” 

Along with new features to enhance the way you work out, membership also gives you access to a massive library of workout content, everything from strength training and yoga to Pilates, cardio, Family Fitness, meditation, and more. 

3. Data-Driven Strength Training

a graphic showing a person's workout summary

Emily Demarest got Tonal for the progress tracking and data. “I’m a huge data nerd. I have always tried to do strength training with varying degrees of success on my own at home, but I am a busy working mom, and Tonal helps keep me accountable with progress tracking and data.” 

Tonal’s data will elevate the way you train by giving you in-depth workout summaries and actionable feedback — digital weight unlocks metrics that are exclusive to Tonal. For example, with Strength Score — a comprehensive system that measures total body strength for more than 100 moves — you can discover strength by muscle group and body region and compare gains over time.

4. Expert-Led Workouts and Programs

With Tonal’s membership, you receive a comprehensive library of one-off workouts and multi-week programs. A team of experts design each one to help you hit goals like getting lean, improving your fitness, and building muscle. 

For Christina Sandefur, Tonal’s coaching and programming have been a game-changer. “I love that I can pick a goal, but I don’t have to think about how to get there. The coaches do that for me! Second, the instruction. I’m newer to heavy lifting, so the Form Feedback and reminders are critical. 

[I also appreciate] the interactivity with the coaches. Tonal’s coaches are incredibly generous with their time, whether it’s answering our questions on Facebook, creating monthly challenges, or motivating us on social media. I feel like I have a group of personal trainers and a cheer squad all rolled into one!” 

I feel like I have a group of personal trainers and a cheer squad all rolled into one! 

Christina Sandefur

5. World-Class Coaches

Work out whenever you want from the comfort of your home with professional trainers! Viet Q. Nguyen explains “there’s no substitute for having a real person walk you through movements. This is the main differentiator between Tonal and gym equipment. For example, when you look at dumb weights, the onus is on the individual to decide which movements and reps to undertake.

With Tonal, that decision is more about which coach or workout is more likely to motivate me on any given day. Do I want to feel like an athlete with Coach Paul? Do I want Coach Nicolette’s keen guidance on form and mechanics? Do I want Coach Liz’s insights on understanding my body signals? Or Coach Jackson’s upbeat positivity? You get a workout partner and mentor right beside you. Truly brilliant.”

6. Partner Workouts

a man and woman working out alongside each other on tonal

One of the benefits of our unlimited membership is that you and other members of your household (or friends) can get stronger together. With Tonal’s Partner Workouts, you’ll get personalized digital weight recommendations that automatically adjust from person to person, so there’s no need to waste time changing weights. 

Partner Workouts are a great way to stay motivated and spend time with your loved ones. Jane Yang and her husband have two young children aged four and two, and working out at home allows them to connect and stay healthy. “It’s really hard to find time to spend with just my husband without also sacrificing the time we also need for our health and sanity. Working out together in a modality both of us enjoy lets us check off a few boxes at once, and being able to curse at the coach inflicting the same pain on you is a bonding experience.” 

There’s no substitute for having a real person walk you through movements. This is the main differentiator between Tonal and gym equipment.

Viet Q. Nguyen

7. No More Guesswork

Tonal makes working out feel effortless in a different way. Chad Johnson says one of his favorite things about membership is his next workout is already planned out for him as soon as he wakes up Tonal. 

You’ll still have to show up and put in the work, but there’s no guesswork on your part. Thanks to our seamless technology, you don’t have to figure out what your next workout should be, we’ve already done it, and with our digital weight, all you have to do is hit start. 

The Bottom Line

Not only is Tonal’s membership revolutionizing the way our members work out, they’re also saving hundreds of dollars every month. Learn more about our membership and use this calculator to see how much you can save with Tonal’s membership.

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