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200 Billion Pounds Is Just the Beginning

This major milestone signals a training revolution for Tonal members.

The Tonal community just achieved a massive milestone: Together, we lifted 200 billion pounds—yes, billion. That equates to lifting over 500,000 blue whales, 2.5 million fully-loaded semi-trucks, or bench pressing the weight of the Empire State Building 274 times!

But it’s not just pounds that get calculated. Tonal captures highly granular data 50 times a second on each and every rep, in addition to a multitude of real-world signals such as heart rate through wearable integrations to make up the world’s largest and richest physiological strength training data set. On top of our 200 billion-pound achievement, Tonal members have also completed 5+ billion reps and 35+ million training sessions. 

This proprietary, anonymized dataset not only improves machine learning algorithms that enhance Tonal’s suggested weight mapping, program recommendations, and many other exclusive features, but when combined with artificial intelligence, it also allows Tonal to revolutionize how people train.

Most importantly, Tonal members have, on average, increased their strength scores by more than 50 percent* after working out for 16 months. Strength improvement is the critical means by which we can all live a higher quality life. Whether we’re struggling with back pain as new parents, worried about muscle loss in our later years, or interested in looking our best, strength improvements that result from resistance training help us achieve those goals. 

Tonal members, like Munir Frank who struggled with diabetes and finding time to work out with a young family and busy work schedule says:

Since I started training on Tonal, I gained 25 pounds of muscle. My blood sugar has also been normal for the past six months. I’ve lifted more than 2.3 million pounds on Tonal. Best of all, I simply feel better doing my everyday activities like playing with my kids or working at the restaurant. I used to ache doing simple jobs, but now I can work a 12- to 16-hour day at the restaurant and still feel good by the end. Plus, I still have the energy to work out. 

These stories keep us motivated here at Tonal and push us to deliver on our promise to help everyone be their strongest. 

Over the coming months, we plan to release updates to our platform that will continue to do just that. We’re looking to help you better understand progression toward your goals, find workouts and programs that best align with your goals and preferences, and give you access to your own Tonal assistant built using AI. Here’s a sneak peek of just a few of the features** that we expect to roll out:

Continued Innovation in Goal Setting and Insights

Specifically, new and improved goal tracking features will help you achieve your personalized objectives. 

Enhanced Content Discovery

Tonal can soon indicate how much a program or workout will help you achieve your specific goals rather than a general categorization, so you can gauge relevance to your goals and compare content directly. This objective scoring will make it easier to achieve progressive overload and support macrocycle planning by gradually increasing difficulty over time.

TONi, Tonal’s Digital Assistant

Incorporating a natural language interface powered by AI and Tonal’s proprietary data, to help you more easily tailor your workouts and improve the personal training experience on Tonal.

To each of our valued members: thank you for the commitment you make to be your strongest each and every time you step up to the Tonal. 

*Despite Tonal’s powerful algorithms, our knowledge about the causes of these strength score increases is limited to the data collected during workouts, so this statistic isn’t able to account for the number of workouts per member or off-Tonal workouts and other lifestyle choices made by Tonal members.

** Some or all of these features may not be delivered as of the date of this post.