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Fitness 18 Workouts Tonal Members Swear By

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The Official Tonal Community loves a spicy workout, and Tonal has hundreds of options that will bring the burn or the bliss. So whether you’re looking to crush your cardio or core, rinse your upper and lower body, a juicy stretch, or some meditation and mobility, here are 18 workouts Tonal members swear by. 

Pro Tip: Throughout the month of April, you’ll find some of these workouts highlighted on the Tonal Spotlight Row. 


These strength workouts are Tonal member favourites.

1. Better Body, Better Life – Coach Pablo

Michelle Kenyon-Young swears by this advanced full-body workout — which is all about supercharging your strength — in between Tonal’s multi-week programs. “It was the first workout where I encountered front raises, which seemed impossible at first. I kept coming back to doing them and getting better at them, and this workout always reminds me of how much stronger I’ve become!”

2. Upper Body Pump – Coach Jared

This fast-paced workout with Coach Jared is everything for your upper body: pushing, pulling, core, and accessory moves to sculpt those arms. Megan Philman Pace is fond of this one because “there’s just something about a good upper body workout, and I love the moves they selected — very similar to what I would choose if I were at the gym.” 

3. More Gains With Chains – Coach Paul

A time-honored Tonal workout, community members loved More Gains With Chains so much it went on to become a multi-week strength program. This all-around upper body workout targets the chest from different angles, using Tonal’s dynamic weight mode — Chains — to maximize muscle growth. 


Tonal also has lots of fantastic cardio content to get that heart rate up and complement your strength training routine.

4. Dance Cardio – 305 Fitness 

It didn’t take community member Heather Rose Assal long to find a really enjoyable cardio workout with Tonal. “The 305 Fitness dance workouts are such a fun burn after a heavy lift! Heart rate is up, and you dance to burn off calories. Great extra to add every week.” 

5. Metabolic Moves – Coach Jared

This workout has been Theresa Yu’s absolute go-to ever since it came out. “I used to do it at least once every week. It gets my heart rate up at a slow and steady pace. It gives me just enough breaks that I don’t feel like I’m struggling. None of the moves last longer than 20 seconds. I always always feel so much better afterward.”

6. Core Boxing – Coach Pablo 

Deidra Rice suggests this boxing workout because it keeps her moving while strengthening her core. Throw some punches, challenge your coordination and mental focus, and work up a sweat as you get a taste of the athletic demands of boxing. 

I’ve been enjoying the Dance Cardio workouts. It always puts me in a good mood and makes me feel more comfortable in my body.

Kevin Alyona 


Target your core with these community picks. 

7. Six Pack Attack – Coach Jackson

Looking for a speedy core challenge? This advanced workout from Coach Jackson comes highly recommended by the Official Tonal Community. It’s a great one for lighting up your core after strength training and had a little cardio thrown in for good measure too. Luke McCage seconds all of this! “Perfect post-workout ab burner if you’re in a crunch for time.” 

8. Super Abs – Coach Gabby 

Nikki Callahan Golden’s favorite core workout is Super Abs, and that’s because you can add it to any Tonal program or workout. “It’s fast-paced, high-intensity, and easily works alongside any program. I also love Coach Gabby’s energy and instruction.”  

9. Quick Core Burner – Coach Nicolette 

First shared in the Official Tonal Community on Facebook, this is Coach Nicolette’s personal ab workout, and it’s super popular with our members because you get so much bang for your buck. If you’re stuck for time but want to sneak in a solid core workout, Christa Hayburn always feels this one the next day and says it’s great if you only have ten minutes to spare. 

There is so much to love about Tonal, it’s awesome for building strength and even losing weight, but it’s also so valuable as a therapeutic tool. The one thing that really stands out is the versatility of the workouts.

Jeremy Oviatt


Tonal members’ go-to workouts for some well-earned stretching and relaxation.

10. Sunrise Yoga – Coach Frances

Want to wake up your mind and muscles first thing? This meditative flow from Coach Frances will help you build strength, flexibility, and mobility. For community member Susan Johns Campbell, this go-to yoga workout is “the perfect way to start the morning and a great warmup before lifting.”   

11. Lower Body Bliss – Coach Frances

Not a fan of yoga? Neither was Amy Eroh until discovering this calming flow. “I never enjoyed yoga, but Lower Body Bliss is my go-to workout. It’s the perfect length of time and uses multiple moves, so I don’t get bored. Most importantly, it helps keep my lower back pain-free.” This yoga workout is tailor-made for recovery days and will help stretch your lower body, open up hips and help you find some stillness on the mat. 

12. Beginner Mobility Flow – Coach Venus

Tonal helped Selina Andrea realise the importance of mobility. “I do this one weekly, and my body feels looser and better every time. It’s also helped me increase my mobility and strength. We don’t focus enough on staying mobile, and Beginner Mobility Flow is a perfect start to doing so!” Tonal’s mobility flows focus on strength, stability, mobility, flexibility, and coordination. 

Warming up and cooling down with Tonal’s Theragun workouts are a must in my book. I can tell the difference in my performance if I skip one. They are also great throughout the day if I’m feeling tight or sore.

Travis Stowell

13. Back Relief – Coach Liz 

This gentle flow is one of the hottest community recovery workout picks. Created especially so people with back pain can enjoy some active recovery and relief, it’s great under any circumstances. 

KerryAnn Lussier says, “anyone who has experienced any stiffness or soreness in their back will benefit from this workout. It’s not too long or short, and you could combine it with any other yoga or recovery workouts or regular Tonal multi-week program. I do many of the exercises from this workout throughout the day whenever I feel any stiffness in my back.” 

14. Beginner Leg Stretch – Coach Natalie 

Coach Natalie designed this recovery workout for beginners, and it’s especially great for anyone that isn’t always able to get down to the floor. Richelle Martin repeatedly comes back to Beginner Leg Stretch. “I love this workout because it stays off the floor, which means I can do the whole thing without having to come up with modifications, and I feel so much better after doing it.” 

15. Full Body Foam Roll – Coach Liz 

Tyson Wade Hadfield has been a fan of foam rolling for years, and learning more about this practice first-hand from Coach Liz on Tonal has been a game-changer. “I thought I was doing just fine, but Coach Liz’s knowledge, tips, and guidance have taken foam rolling to a whole new level for me. I focused more on foam rolling after a workout and only recently learned the benefits of also doing it before. I admire the meditative and mindful aspect of this workout as well, [it helps me feel more connected] to my body.” 

I love Tonal Meditation because I get to focus on my goal over and over to make sure I am keeping it at the forefront of everything I am working towards.  

Richelle Martin 


Strengthen your mind, body, and soul on Tonal. 

16. Envision Your Goals – Coach Allison

This workout for your mind and spirit is a Tonal community favorite. Susan Jean says, “I do it almost daily after weights. I like the pace and how she walks you through [visualizing] your goals — I know that’s the name, but it’s awesome! I don’t feel like my day is complete without getting this in now.”

17. Calm in the Clouds – Coach Allison

In this guided meditation practice for the whole family, both kids and adults will float through a blue sky on a puffy cloud towards a colorful rainbow. Try it as a relaxing exercise before sleeping or when you’re feeling anxious. 

18. Intentional Breathing – Coach Jared

Maximal Expansive Breathing is a diaphragmatic technique that provides centering and empowerment after a workout. In this highly-recommended breath workout, Coach Jared shows you how to take your mind and body to a calm, improved state. 

My two favorites are Intentional Breathing and Calm in the clouds. I’ve realized how key it is to take 10-20 mins and just center and breathe.

Selina Andrea