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4 Weeks to Fat Loss Pushes You to Reach Your Goals

Get learn with Tonal's 4 Weeks to Fat Loss program.

Burning fat can be difficult, and it’s hard to stay motivated if you’re not seeing results. If you’re already strength training and feeling frustrated, it’s time to switch up your routine. Coach Jackson’s new program 4 Weeks to Fat Loss was designed to get you out of that rut.

Through metabolic resistance training, this program will help you burn body fat and build muscle so you can get lean and stay lean.

Burn Fat, Build Muscle

4 Weeks to Fat Loss gets you real results because it employs metabolic resistance training. Metabolic resistance training (MRT) is so effective because it makes you burn more calories when you’re resting.

This type of workout is fast paced and challenging. You’ll move quickly from set to set to keep your heart rate up and muscles burning. This helps to boost your metabolism and increases hormone levels, which will optimize your body for fat loss. You’ll also build strength and endurance, which means that you will be able to work out harder for a longer period of time.

Get stronger with Tonal's Four Weeks to Fat Loss Program.

Get Stronger With Coach Jackson

Coach Jackson will push you to do your best on every rep so that you get the results you want. He believes that anyone can reach their goals with dedication and the right mindset.

Coach Jackson created 4 Weeks to Fat Loss as a more effective way to lose weight and build muscle. By incorporating metabolic resistance training into the program, Coach Jackson created a recipe that can be 10x more effective than other strength training methods in 1/3 of the time.

Metabolic Resistance Training is so effective is because you’ll get your heart rate up incredibly high during the course of the workout. As a result, you’ll exert more energy and burn more calories. You’ll keep burning calories even while you’re resting, which is called the “after-burn” effect.

All About 4 Weeks to Fat Loss

This program is perfect for people who strength train at an intermediate level. You’ll burn fat and build muscle four days a week for four weeks. Prepare to sweat for 45 to 55 minutes each time you work out.

The key movements of Tonal's 4 Weeks to Fat Loss Program.

Work Your Obliques, Shoulders, Chest, Quads, and Back

In this program, you’ll do movements like:

Single Arm Bent Over Row
Bent Over Row
Sprinter Crunch
Bicep Curl
Bench Press
Goblet Reverse Lunge
Standing Incline Press
Goblet Squat

To learn more about the Tonal workout experience, check out our video about what Tonal programs look like, or book a workout at our San Francisco showroom.