Mark Allen Six-Time IronMan World Champion

We teamed up with six-time IRONMAN World Champion Mark Allen to create a strengthening program for all levels of triathletes. Coach Mark guides you through every move to power your performance for exactly where you are in your training.

Get to know Mark Allen

Coaching style

I always focus on balance and sustainability so you can keep up your training for as long as you have the desire to train and compete. It’s much easier to give an athlete training that’s too difficult than it is to give training that gets results and is sustainable!

Fav Quote

“It’s never over until it’s over.” —Brandt Secunda

Strength training for triathletes

Supplement your triathlon training by building an aerobic base through muscular endurance. Join Coach Kelly and six-time Ironman champion Mark Allen for some strength, stability, and core work. Get ready for a great season.

Strength training for triathletes

  • Triathlon Endurance

    4x 4 Week Program