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Grow Your Glutes with Tonal’s Strong Core, Glutes Galore Workout

Strengthen your core and build strong glutes in 20 minutes. You’ll elevate your heart rate and engage multiple muscle groups.

Build stronger glutes and a stronger core with Tonal's Strong Core, Glutes Galore workout.

Your core is your body’s support system. You need to strengthen your core through exercise in order to properly use and develop other muscles in your body. Coach Nicolette pairs the core with glute exercises in Strong Core, Glutes Galore because they are the largest muscle groups in your body; both provide stability and power. You can’t have strong glutes without a stable core!

Get Your Heart Pumping in Just 20 Minutes

Coach Nicolette intelligently designed Strong Core, Glutes Galore so that you get the most out of your time. She combines compound leg movements with core work that uses both the abs and obliques. It’s a fast-paced routine–you’ll move from one exercise to another with no breaks in between. This format will elevate your heart rate, engage multiple muscle groups, and make you work hard.

Cultivate Your Core with Coach Nicolette

Your body is amazing; it is capable of accomplishing great things as long as you use it correctly. Coach Nicolette shows you how to properly use your core so that you can grow other muscle groups, such as your glutes, and get the body you want.

About Strong Core, Glutes Galore

Strong Core, Glutes Galore is a short workout suitable for beginners, but it’s also effective for all levels.

Strong Core, Glutes Galore Key Movements:

Split Squat: A single-leg (unilateral) movement, which engages both the legs and core. It also helps increase mobility.
Sprinter Crunch: Engages abs and obliques
Goblet Squat: A compound movement that uses quads, glutes, and core. This is a great movement to perfect the weighted squat form, so it’s suitable for beginners.

Strong Core, Glutes Galore is available on Tonal now. If you don’t have a Tonal at home, check us out at a showroom near you!

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