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Build a Stronger Upper Body in 20 Minutes With Simple Strength

Simple Strength is perfect if you have little time to spare for fitness.

Put 20 minutes to a stronger upper body with Coach Natalie's Simple Strength workout

If time is a precious resource in your household, it can be difficult to devote large chunks of it to fitness. Strength training can seriously increase your quality of life though, so it’s important to find a workout routine that works well for your schedule.

That’s why we’ve developed the upper-body workout Simple Strength. Simple Strength is a quick workout you can finish in 20 minutes, so it’s perfect to do when you have little time to spare for fitness.

Gain Strength In Your Spare Time

A strong upper body can improve posture, reduce the risk of injury, and helps you do everyday activities with ease. Simple Strength is an easy (and fast) way to strengthen your chest and back when you only have 20 minutes between meetings or between shuffling the kids from place to place.

Tonal Coach Natalie inspires you to be confident and feel great during every workout.

Be Confident With Coach Natalie

Coach Natalie is an encouraging coach who will leave you feeling confident and strong after every workout.

She created Simple Strength for anyone who needs a way to fit strength training into a busy lifestyle.

Simple Strength Details

Simple Strength is a 20-minute workout that is perfect for anyone at any level. Do Simple Strength whenever you want to slot in a quick upper-body workout.

Work Your Upper Body With These Key Moves

During Simple Strength, you’ll do the following movements:

– Bench Press
– Seated Row
– Lateral Crawl

This workout is available on Tonal now. If you’re new to Tonal and want to give Simple Strength a try, schedule a workout at a Tonal showroom.

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