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Start the New Year Off Strong With Tonal’s Biggest Challenge Yet!

This January, build healthy habits, get real results, and beat boredom along the way with the new program, Four Week Fast Track: Fresh Sets.

Tonal's January Challenge

It’s easy to kick off the new year with healthy habits. The hard part is sticking with those habits all year long. 

This January, jumpstart your fitness journey with Tonal’s Four Week Fast Track: Fresh Sets challenge. You’ll start the year strong and establish exercise and nutrition strategies that’ll see you through the rest of 2023—and beyond. 

The month-long challenge combines a four-week, on-demand Tonal program (choose from beginner or intermediate/advanced tracks) with nutrition tips, healthy meal prep recipes, and guidance on how to set goals, establish habits, and create lasting change. 

Doing the same boring workout and eating the same bland meals every day is a surefire way to burn out and give up too soon. That’s why this year’s challenge is all about variety. 

You’ll mix it up and improve your overall fitness with fun and engaging workouts led by six different coaches. The programming alternates weekly between a focus on hypertrophy and endurance so you can build muscle and shed fat. In between program days, you’ll have the option to do active recovery and mobility sessions so you can feel and perform your best. By the end of the month, you’ll be stronger, more powerful, and ready for your next challenge. 

Each week, you’ll also get delicious meal prep recipes that allow you to cook one big batch of food and remix it multiple ways, so you can enjoy fresh meals while minimizing prep time. These easy recipes align with the workout focus of each week and are sure to become part of your regular rotation.

Tonal coaches leading the January challenge.

And you won’t be alone in the journey: Tonal’s expert coaches will guide you through the month in the Official Tonal Community, where you’ll find support and motivation from other members taking on the challenge.

Keep an eye on your inbox for weekly emails with more info, and check back here where we’ll be rolling out new recipes and helpful tips each week. 

Get excited and get ready for fresh workouts and real results.

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