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Explore Your Core With Tonal’s 20 Minute Ab Lab Workout

Work your core with Tonal's new Ab Lab workout.

Your core is the foundation to so many movements you do in your everyday life. A strong core protects your back and helps you do simple day-to-day activities like standing, sitting, or picking something up off the ground.

Coach Liz designed Ab Lab as a way to work the many layers of your core. You’ll explore pelvic and lumbar movement, proper form, and get in a great core workout–all in 20 minutes.

Build a Stronger Core in 20 Minutes

Building a strong core through different exercises is a foundational part of strength training. All movement originates in your core muscles or moves through your core, so it’s essential that this part of your body is strong enough to support you every single day. Plus, a weak core can actually make it more difficult to move your arms and legs.

Ab Lab supports the idea that just doing crunches is not enough to build the core strength you need. Instead, Coach Liz walks you through a series of workouts that target different core muscles and work the different layers of the core.

This fiery routine helps you strengthen your core, improve your balance, and teaches you how to maintain proper form.

Build a strong foundation with Tonal Coach Liz in Tonal's Ab Lab workout.

Create a Strong Foundation With Coach Liz

Coach Liz is an injury prevention specialist, and is an expert in functional movement. Ab Lab is designed to strengthen one of the biggest players in functional movement: the core.

All About Ab Lab

Ab Lab is a short core workout that’s well suited for any level, including beginners.

Ab Lab Essential Moves

– Resisted Leg Lowering
– Shoulder Tap Plank
– Bird Dog

Ab Lab is available on Tonal now! Don’t have Tonal at home? Book a workout at a Showroom near you.