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Want to Show Off Your Tonal to Friends? Try This Home Demo Experience

Your guests and family can feel the magic of adaptive weight in as little as one minute.

Tonal demo feature.

To understand the unique experience of lifting digital weight, sometimes you have to feel it to believe it. That’s why describing your experience only gives friends and family part of the picture. Tonal’s new demo feature makes it fun and easy to share the experience of working out on Tonal in as little as one minute. If you’re hosting guests, they can try Tonal in the time between dinner and dessert, or even during a commercial break. 

Accessible right from the log-in screen on your Tonal, the new demo feature offers two ways to try Tonal: a one-minute demonstration with a single move, and a taste of a Tonal workout with three moves. The on-screen guidance will lead your friend through the demo, so you won’t have to do any backseat driving, but will have plenty of time to share your own experience. 

In the single-move demonstration, your guest will do one exercise, and Tonal will automatically calibrate the resistance to their ability level, just like in your initial strength assessment. This lets someone who’s new to Tonal feel how the weight adjusts in real-time—and see how easy it is to have Tonal dial in the appropriate resistance so they never have to guess what weights to use. 

If you have more time to show off Tonal, try the longer demonstration. Your friend will choose one of three mini-workouts (an upper-, lower-, or full-body session) and do three different exercises in 5 to 10 minutes. The first move serves as a strength assessment, with the weight adjusting in real-time, and the next two moves use recommended weights based on that short assessment. They’ll be able to see how Tonal uses personalized weight recommendations for a customized workout experience. 

Even your most dedicated gym-going friends will be surprised by the unique feel of lifting digital weight on Tonal, and they’ll love how each workout is totally personalized. 

After either demo, they’ll view a mini workout summary and get to see their total volume lifted, time under tension, and how much their strength could improve from working out on Tonal. It’s just a preview of all the progress-tracking metrics you know and love on Tonal. 

Now, if your friends and family are curious why you’re so enthusiastic about Tonal, you can let them see for themselves what all the hype is about. With the home demo feature, it’ll be easy for your loved ones to understand how Tonal can help them crush their own goals.

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