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Stay In. Stay Balanced

Try these Tonal yoga workouts now available on YouTube.

We’ve published free Tonal Yoga classes to YouTube ( as a way of giving back to our community so you can practice positivity whenever you need it. Think solitude over isolation. Tuning in over tuning out. Discover how a challenging power yoga sequence and calming recovery session can quiet the mind and relax the body. All you have to do is roll out your mat.

Power Yoga

Challenge your strength and stamina from head to toe with our challenging power yoga sequences

Strength in Balance
This Power Yoga flow demands full-body strength. Coach Frances leads you through a series of energetic vinyasas and balancing postures, helping you find stability under pressure.

Full Body Vigor
Build strength with nothing but your bodyweight in this dynamic Power Yoga flow. Coach Frances leads you through a series of intense vinyasas that challenge the body, breath, and mind.

Lower Body Sweat
This Power Yoga glute burner uses a series of augmented poses to strengthen the lower body. Add dynamic leg work to your planks and down dogs, and finish with a core workout at the end.

Power to the Core
This Power Yoga flow works the core using traditional yoga poses. Get your best plank ready and meet Coach Frances on the mat for a dynamic challenge that will help you forget your daily stressors.

Recovery Yoga

Invite every sensation as you quiet the mind and release stress from the body.

Blissful Tranquility
Stop, stretch, and reconnect with your body. This Recovery Yoga flow with Coach Frances features hip openers, forward folds, and plenty of mindfulness. Surrender to the stillness within.

Calm Mobility
Recovery Yoga isn’t just about rest. It’s a way to prime the muscles by increasing their range of motion. Coach Frances helps you find flexibility and mobility, while calming the body through breath.

Open Hips, Open Mind
Much of our anxiety is stored in the hips. In this Recovery Yoga flow, Coach Frances targets that tension with deep hip openers and calming postures. Say goodbye to stress that no longer serves you.

Upper Body Release
Ease the tightness in your shoulders and back with this upper-body Recovery Yoga flow. Coach Frances takes you through a series of postures with stretches and binds that will leave you feeling relaxed and restored.

Yoga Basics

New to yoga? Start your practice by practicing the essentials, broken down move by move.

Beginner Bites: Chaturanga
Coach Frances demonstrates the Chaturanga, one of the most common connecting postures in a vinyasa flow. Learn the perfect form to move from plank to up dog, and reach the next level of your practice.

Beginner Bites: Warrior Poses 
Step into your power when you step onto the mat. Coach Frances explains proper form for three common postures: Crescent, Warrior One, and Warrior Two. Learn the basics and find your balance.

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